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The New Brand Marketing Theory Research Center

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    The New Brand Marketing Theory Research Center of Peking University HSBC Business School (PHBS) was formally established on March 18, 2014. Our center was jointly set up by PHBS, China Central Television (CCTV) Advertising Center, and Junzhi Consulting Group. The center is headed by Wei wei, vice director of PHBS     
​​    The New Brand Marketing Theory Research Center is established upon the strong faculty and outstanding academic competence of PHBS; it combines the media strength of a top tier media platform from CCTV and extensive professional experiences on practical brand positioning from Junzhi Consulting Group. The Center endeavors to conduct research and to spread new brand marketing theories in order to promote their applications in marketing management strategies of numerous Chinese enterprises, and, as a result, to exert the influence and expand the practical impact of new brand marketing theories in the field of management studies.
  The mission of our center is to take shape of new brand marketing management theories in the new era of business and commerce. The Center’s research is built upon the theories of world-class marketing masters, such as Philip Kotler, Don Schultz, and Michael Porter. The Center also aims to incorporate the new consumer insight methodology, positioning theories, business ecosystems, business platforms, O2O Internet thinking, as well as other elements into the new theoretic framework; furthermore, it aims also to combine the brand marketing cases of the international market and the Chinese market to build a new generation of the brand marketing theory. Additionally, the Center selects and collects outstanding brand positioning cases on an annual basis, and incorporates these systematic and intact cases into case teaching references the New Brand Marketing Theory Research Center.
​    Today, every single enterprise is facing enormous opportunities and challenges. The New Brand Marketing Theory Research Center wishes to seize the opportunity and create a new marketing theory along with Chinese entrepreneurs, with the ultimate purpose of helping companies with their competitiveness and premium capacity, and thus achieving new heights through successful re-positioning.
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