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PHBS Officially Uses Its New Logo

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The new PHBS logo embeds the school’s vision and teaching philosophy. PHBS the English abbreviation for Peking University HSBC Business School, carries a sense of simplicity and distinctiveness.

It combines the Peking University emblem and the school logo which represents PHBS as a business school that cultivates visionary, principled and diverse leaders.Thus, it not only inherits Peking University's long history of humanities and profound academic background,but also demonstrates the school’s endeavor to become a top business school worldwide. 

The full name of PHBS, with the design based on the Siyuan Bold Font, enhances the modern beauty and expressiveness of the font.  The new logo increases the PHBS brand recognition, and its new image affords the school to standout as it competes with the world’s leading business schools.

PHBS Old to New Logo Transition

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