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Wharton School Vice Dean Lunqusit Visited PHBS

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A delegation led by Sam Lunqusit, vice dean of external affairs from Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania visited Peking University HSBC Business School (PHBS) on 26, June, and had extensive discussions with PHBS Dean Wen Hai and some faculty members.
Wharton Vice Dean Lunqusit talks with PHBS Dean and faculty members
Established in 1881, Wharton is the world’s first collegiate school of business and has produced the most CEOs of the 100 top companies on the Fortune 500 list. In general, Wharton has over 95,000 alumni in 153 countries, with notable figures such as Elon Musk, Donald Trump, and Warren Buffett. Based on publications in 24 of the world's leading peer-reviewed journals, Wharton holds the top position in research productivity among business school.

PHBS Dean Hai gives a detailed introduction about PHBS
PHBS Dean Hai extended warm welcome and gave a detailed introduction about PHBS, ranging from its curriculum design, faculty team, international cooperation and job placement, etc. Located in the Pearl River Delta, a vibrant economic hub, PHBS provides the ideal setting for studying advances in finance, economics and management, with the MA and full-time MBA programs conducted in English. Within its MA degree programs, international students make up 15% of the students. Now, nearly half of the school’s 60+ faculty members are international, and more than 95% of all faculty earned their PhDs from prestigious overseas universities.

Sam Lunqusit, (right), talks on Wharton's global presence
According to Wharton Vice Dean Lunqusit, Wharton school is setting a global roadmap and paying great attention to the opportunities in China. In 2015, Wharton set up the Greater China Wharton Center in Beijing to provide a range of consulting projects for senior Chinese executives, enabling them to gain more practical management skills and a global perspective. Wharton Dean Geoffrey Garrett was invited to participate in the PKU@ Shenzhen International Higher Education Forum in middle December 2016 and also visited Shenzhen at the end of March this year.

Two sides expresses their expectations for more exchanges
During the discussion, the two sides expressed their expectations for more exchanges in the future. Lunqusit believed that considering PHBS’ teaching environment, strong faculty team and curriculum design, both sides can explore their own unique advantages and promote the exchange and cooperation of talents in the future.

The meeting with Qianhai's Administration Bureau
In the afternoon, Dean Hai, PHBS faculty and the delegation paid a visit to Qianhai Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Modern Service Industry Cooperation Zone, a commercial development in Shenzhen.

Deputy director of Qianhai Administration Bureau gives remarks
As a modern service industry cooperation zone, Qianhai's administration has planned to focus on finance, modern logistics, information services, technology services, and other professional services.During the meeting, Ming Tian, the deputy director of Qianhai Administration Bureau, briefed attendees the Qianhai’s future blueprint, introduction of talents, industrial development planning.

PHBS Dean Hai mentions the potential of school-enterprise cooperation

Impressed by Qianhai’s rapid development, Wharton Vice Dean Lunqusit pointed out that the development potential of this commercial zone actually indicated the future demand for international higher education and professional training. PHBS Dean Hai mentioned that PHBS planned to set up high-end think tanks and explore opportunities for school-enterprise cooperation.

 After the meeting, attendees also visited the Qianhai industrial park to get better understanding on the new district’s ecological planning, public facilities, financial innovation and other aspects.

The delegation listens to the guider's introduction about public facilities


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