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Programs Tailored to Your Academic Interests

 As the most internationalized China-national business school, Peking University HSBC Business School offers 130 English-language, graduate level, business courses per year.  Currently we offer three Master degrees in Finance, Management and Economics for international students that are entirely conducted in English.  All 50 international and Chinese faculty conduct courses using English and have earned PhD.s from USA and Europe's top instutions.  All students, 95% Chinese nationals, are fluent in English and will be your classmates.  Students can take advantage of our highly internationalized campus in Shenzen, China, being located adjacent to the international financial hub, Hong Kong.  Tuition scholarships are available for both international and domestic students.  We welcome you to take the next step in your career at Peking University HSBC Business School!

Full-time Master Programs

PHBS offers three full-time Master degrees.  These are the Master of Economics, Master of Management, and Master of Finance.  In the pursuit of being an international school and equipping our students to be leading business men and women in China and throughout the world, our master degree programs are taught fully in English.  In addition to the three master's degrees, students have the opportunity to participate in dual degree programs with Chinese University of Hong Kong and National University of Singapore. 

MBA Program

MBA is the abbreviation of Master of Business Administration, which aims to cultivate managers and executives via a master degree-granting program. PKU HSBC Business School's full-time MBA program started in 2012. According to international standards and strict effective management systems, we have gathered scholars worldwide, aiming to cultivate students with an innovative spirit in economic and financial fields, as well as to equip students to master financial management skills by using unique teaching approaches in order to help them build a solid financial theory basis and master effective management skills.  Currently this program is only open to domestic students and is conducted solely in Mandarin Chinese.

EMBA Program

HSBC Business School’s EMBA (Executive Master of Business Administration) Degree Program is tailored to suit the needs of senior-level management in the contemporary international workplace. EMBA participants learn scientific approaches to dealing with the financial and managerial demands of a managerial position while continuing to work full-time. The degree serves as a demonstration that EMBA graduates have had formal training in management education, and is the national standard for upper-level professionals from a spectrum of industries. As it is customized primarily for domestic, mid-level professionals, the EMBA program is primarily conducted in Mandarin Chinese.

EDP Center

The EDP short-term study project for managers is designed to meet the needs of organization ascension, explore the excellent concept and help modern enterprise leaders to achieve success. The EDP center also designs internal training courses for companies according to their specific needs, and provides management training plans that combine enterprise, culture and industry features to support the company’s organizational learning, organizational development and revolution.