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Internationalizing-Innovation Profiles and High-Technology Exports: Does Lone Genius Matter?

by Monte J.Shaffer, KevinChastagner*, and U.N.Umesh

ARTICLE | Journal of International Marketing | No. 3, Vol. 24, 2016


Innovation-performance research, when conducted at the firm level, neglects the role of innovation that is created without firm involvement. In this article, the authors test Schumpeter’s lone-genius hypothesis: “Change in economic life always starts with the actions of a forceful individual.” To do so, the authors introduce country-level internationalizing-innovation profile (IIP), which characterizes a country’s innovation resources, and internationalizing-innovation experience (IIE), which characterizes a country’s level of patenting activity into the United States. Using fixed-effects panel data analysis for 50 countries from 1990 through 2010, the authors demonstrate that a country’s IIP moderated by IIE influences high-technology exports. The findings suggest that lone genius does have an impact, depending on the phase of a country’s IIE development. The implications of these findings for theory, public policy, and international marketing managers are discussed.
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