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Lecture on Decision Making & International Admission Talks

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Decisions are a part of life and while they range in complexity, we face various decisions on a daily basis. How can we make decisions that lead to optimal outcomes? The answer highly depends on the types of decisions being made. However, in scientific research, scholars tend to utilize one standard approach to decision making: conducting hypothesis testing by proposing null hypothesis (H0) as well as alternative hypothesis (H1). The idea is to collect and analyze data to determine whether we have enough confidence to reject the null hypothesis (H0) and momentarily accept the alternative (H1). However, undoubtedly useful in some circumstances, the application of such approach cannot fit all types of decisions. Dr. C. James Yen’s lecture focuses on contrasting two types of decisions—managerial and judicial—and shows how managerial and judicial decisions should be made differently.

Dr. C. James Yen is an assistant professor at Peking University HSBC Business School. He received his PhD in Organization and Strategy from Washington University in St. Louis. His research revolves around strategic decision making and how it differs from other types of decision making, such as investment decision, consumer choices, as well as judicial judgment. He will give a lecture on Decision Making from managerial and judicial perspectives at 3 pm, November 18th in PKU International i-Center (2nd Floor, Building No.5, PKU Zhongguanyuan Global Village).

PHBS is also going to hold 2017 PKU Shenzhen Admission Talks for International Students jointly with School of Transnational Law (STL) on November 17th and 18th in Beijing:
Date Time University Venue
Nov. 17 7 pm China University of Political Science and Law (中国政法大学) Duan Sheng Building 410 (端升楼410)
Nov. 18 3 pm Peking University (北京大学) PKU International i-Center (2nd Floor, Building No.5, PKU Zhongguanyuan Global Village)

Presently, Peking University HSBC Business School (PHBS) offers Master of Economics, Master of Finance, Master of Management, and MBA taught exclusively in English. PHBS has 61 full-time faculty members with PhD degree from top universities all around the world. Our faculty members are passionate about teaching and research, and our students are among the best in China. Internationalization is always at the heart of teaching and research at PHBS because we believe that fostering international perspectives in students is important for their success in the global market. Our mission is to provide our graduates with the type of education that will prepare them to take their places as outstanding leaders in business and other fields not only in China but throughout the world.
We welcome students in Beijing to join us and know more about PHBS as well as the English master's programs which facilitate their graduate study!

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