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Bai Yansong lectures at Peking University HSBC Business School

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The renowned journalist Bai Yansong was invited to give a lecture on December 7 at Peking University HSBC Business School (PHBS).

The theme of the talk was reading, knowledge and wisdom. Professor Xu Hong hosted the talk. The lecture was actually part of the major course offered by the three-year Financial Journalism program of PHBS. Due to the reputation and influence of the lecturer among college students, the Financial Journalism program generously opened their privileged class to others.


(Teachers and students showing great interest)

In addition to the main lecture hall where the talk was conducted, two other lecture halls were also opened to watch a live recording of the talk. Apart from the 30-40 MA students (Class of 2016) majoring in Financial Journalism, more than a thousand university students and members of the general public attended the two-hour lecture.

In his talk, Bai encouraged university students to read proper books as often and on as many subjects as they could. He pointed out that excessive mobile phone use causes a monotony of mind and personality. He used the analogy that living on fast knowledge is just like wishing to be fit by eating fast food.

(Bai Yansong giving the lecture)

Bai also emphasized the importance for young journalists to be sensitive to words and to master the ability to write succinct sentences that breathe. Studying journalism at school does not necessarily mean that you are going to work as a journalist, he shared with the audience, it teaches you more of a way of looking at the world.

(Bai Yansong with students and staff of PHBS)

By Bai Ruojing, SZ Daily

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