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PHBS 2017 New Year Party Themed “Be Brave and Persevere”

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Peking University HSBC Business School held its 2017 New Year Party themed “Be Brave and Persevere” on December 21. The annual celebration brings together students in the economics, management, and finance master’s degree programs. (The MBA and EDP programs hold their own parties.)
Faculty, hundreds of students, and many alumni converged in the Grand Ballroom of the Intercontinental Hotel. The party featured a banquet, entertainment by students, and awards ceremonies. Special guests included Lu Ting, chief economist and director of Huatai Securities Research Institute; Liang Yu, president of HSBC Shenzhen; Tang Huijian, vice dean of Shenzhen Innovation and Development Institute; and representatives from Vanke group, Tencent, the South Fund, and China Merchants Bank. 
Celebrants in the Grand Ballroom.
The party hosts (from left to right): Li Yang,Wang Junyi,Thilo Brandes, Du Wenxin.
Dean Hai welcomes everyone to the annual celebration.
In his welcoming remarks, Dean Hai Wen said, “Success depends on persistence, and persistence comes from belief.” He cited PHBS’s achievements during 2016 in research, academic activity, the growing interest in international exchange, student associations and the increasing support of the alumni association. For instance, PHBS signed a Master of Business Administration (MBA) - Master of Finance (MSF) double degree agreement with the City University of New York-Baruch College. PHBS also enhanced its ties with the Buss School of Business at the University of Chicago and 16 well-known European Universities. During the year 2016, our faculty published quite a few high quality research papers, most of which were published in well-respected academic journals, such as Strategic Management Journal and more. The dean further mentioned that PHBS held six high-level international conferences, where world renowned scholars like Nobel Laureate Thomas Sargent shared their insights and expertise. He also mentioned that this year, 13 PHBS alumni were selected among the winners of the 13th New Fortune Best Analysts of 2015.  
Each year Dean Hai enjoys using characters from popular movies as positive examples for students, so he remarked, “Police officer Judy in the movie Zootopia and the medic Desmond Doss in the movie Hacksaw Ridge both set good examples of being brave and persistent, qualities that we hope our students strive to emulate.” He added that it will take courage and persistence to enhance PHBS’s research ability, improve students’ all-round abilities, and expand ties with world-renowned universities in the years to come.
Lu Ting, chief economist and director of Huatai Securities Research Institute
Lu Ting, Ph.D., Managing Director of Huatai Securities, spoke next. Huatai Securities is one of the largest comprehensive securities companies in China and is listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. Lu commended PHBS students for their solid knowledge, a good command of English, and professional skills in business settings. He welcomed more PHBS students to seek internships at Huatai Securities and encouraged them to learn from the success of earlier graduates.
Student entertainment featured choruses, dance performances, and skits with a number of students from different cultures and countries participating. “The vibrant performances kept me glued to the stage, and one thing I observed is that we just don't have students at PHBS, but we have extensively gifted and talented students,” commented Tim Taurai, a student from Zimbabwe. Wang Yuhao, a student from the Marshall Islands, said he loved the party and felt everyone worked really hard on their performances.
Opening Show: We are the world
The party began with a fashion show themed, “We are the world,” with Chinese students wearing non-Chinese costumes and international students wearing traditional Chinese fashions.

“Ordinary Road”
Students from the 2015 finance class performed the well-known Chinese song, Ordinary Road (or Ping Fan Zhi Lu), as the first performance of the evening. The students said that the performance symbolized the different paths students have taken before arriving at PHBS. 
Financial journalism students performed a dance, calling it the Financial News Network Show. 
You Are the Most Precious, one of the most romantic performances of the evening by students from class of management 2016.
“Portraying the Lover.”
 Chinese traditional dance: Beauty in Silk
“Portraying the Lover” was an ensemble of both traditional Chinese and modern western
instruments performed by this year’s new economics and finance majors. After that, students from the Nanyan Dancing Association presented a classic Chinese dance, “Beauty in Silk.” 
 Santa and the reindeer dance performed by international students
“Love Confession” by 2016 finance major

Martin Edwards and Henry Kyle says a song while playing the guitar 
“The Song of Friendship” by Ja No Lim,Martin Edwards, Paweena Banchongsiri
“The Rose,” performed by Zhang Yishuang and Raphael Thomas from the MA/PhD Program Office.
Scholarship donation by alumni of 2006. 
Alumni of the classes of 2006 and 2008 were recognized for their charitable support for the school’s future development. 
Outstanding Student Association Awards
The Shenzhen and Hong Kong Economics and Finance Association, Boya Finance Association, Commercial Bank Association, and the Economic Policy Association were awarded “Outstanding Student Association” for the 2016-2017 academic year. Alumni from the class of 2005 presented certificates to the awardees. 
Professors lifted their wineglasses and celebrated the New Year
International students toasted the New Year
Commercial Bank Association
PHBS News Agency: Huitong Press
By: Fang Shangpeng, Hou Xinyu 
Edited by Priscilla Young and Annie Jin
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