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PHBS Provides Opportunities for Myanmar's Learners

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On June 4th, a signing ceremony between PHBS and the China-Myanmar Friendship Association to train advanced talent for Myanmar was held in Shenzhen’s Wuzhou Hotel. In attendance at the ceremony were Wu Yihuan, vice mayor of Shenzhen; Geng Zhiyuan, chairman of the China-Myanmar Friendship Association; Hai Wen, dean of Peking University HSBC Business School (PHBS); Yang Saixin, assistant chairman of the China-Myanmar Friendship Association; and Ren Ting and Li Zhiyi, deputy deans of PHBS. 

Myanmar, which shares a 3000-kilometer border with China, has a wealth of natural resources, beautiful natural scenery and a significant Buddhist history. However, due to its long-term closed-door policy and turbulent political situation, businesspersons and tourists have viewed it as an unsafe area. However, since the reform and opening-up policy of Myanmar’s new government, the outside world has begun to take an interest in the country's development. Observers have said that the country, formerly known as Burma, will become the next emerging country in Asia.

Founded in 1952, the China-Myanmar Friendship Association was an important grass-roots organization that conducted bilateral exchanges in the early years of the People’s Republic of China. The organization has worked to improve friendly communication between the two countries in the areas of economics, education, and religion. Geng Zhiyuan said he hoped that cooperation with PHBS, China’s most internationalized business school, will nurture financial and economic talent for Myanmar and at the same time enhance the communication and cooperation between the two countries.

According to PHBS Dean Hai Wen, undergraduates of Myanmar’s universities are welcome to pursue master’s degrees in finance, economics, and management here, and many students are expected to enroll for 2015 fall. Furthermore, PHBS will provide short-term training courses for entrepreneurs and business managers as well as regularly invited entrepreneurs and officials from Myanmar. Hai said that he hopes that PKU students will participate in educational exchange in Myanmar. 

By Deng Lu

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