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MBA Overview

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MBA Overview

MBA Curriculum covers fundamental knowledge and skills in management, finance and economics. Based on these building blocks, every course is tailored for MBA students to comprehend in specific fields.

 2 years/ 4 semesters/ 8 modules. 
One academic year is split into 2 semesters and each semester has 2 modules.

MBA Module 1 Module 2 Module 3 Module 4
Year 1
Managerial Economics Marketing Management Corporate Finance Human Resource Management
Financial Accounting China & World Economy Operation Management Strategic Management
Business Communication Business Statistics Organizational Behavior Business Ethics
Elective 1 Elective 2 Elective 3 Elective 4
Year 2 Elective 5                            Thesis
( Graduate Thesis Seminar and Defense)
Elective 6
Elective 7



Degree Requirements
57 credits total 
12 required courses
7 elective courses
Complete a Master's thesis and thesis defense

94,000 RMB / year for full time

129,000 RMB / year for parttime

Application requirements
1. Must hold non-Chinese passport (including HongKong/Macau/Taiwan passports)

 2Hold a bachelor’s degree or above with relevant work experience
3. Must provide valid GMAT or GRE scores
4. Must provide valid HSK score (applicable to part-time MBA applicants).

For more detailed information on our MBA program, click here

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