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The Career Development Center is dedicated to serving as an intermediary between PHBS students and potential employers. The Center provides all relevant recruitment and professional outreach services for students and cooperates with corporate partners in the recruitment process.
Job Announcements
The Center offers a variety of quick and easy ways for recruiters to publish job announcements with HSBC Business School. If you are a company or recruiter interested in publicizing job/internship opportunities with PHBS, please contact the Career Development Center directly via email.
The Center maintains the resumes of all current PHBS students and recent graduates seeking employment opportunities. Corporate recruiters can contact PHBS with job descriptions and candidate prerequisites, and the Center will work with recruiters to find qualified individuals.
Executive Seminars and Symposiums
The Center offers on-campus Seminars and Workshops for students looking to sharpen their interview and networking skills. Business and organizations are also welcome to send a representative to campus to facilitate a seminar. PHBS actively recruits business executives to conduct lectures on corporate culture, business ethics, and career planning for current students. If you are interested in visiting the PHBS campus as a representative of a business or organization, please contact the Career Development Office directly.
Personnel Recommendations
For recruiters seeking applicants with very specific skill sets, or for Chinese and Hong Kong-based companies looking for international talent, the Center can provide individual recommendations based on the desired skill set. Please provide a detailed job description when contacting the Center.

See the following Previous Student Placements for a general overview of what companies students have previously been placed in.

Annie Sun
Tel: 86-755-2603 3087
Fax: 86-755-2603 5344
Email: sunji@phbs.pku.edu.cn
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