The 2016 China Conference of the Chinese Economists Society


The Chinese Economists Society (CES) is a non-profit academic organization registered in the United States. The aim of the Society is to promote scholarly exchanges among its members and contribute to the advancement and dissemination of economics and management sciences in China.

The CES has endeavored to promote market-based reforms and open-door policy, encourage academic exchanges, and develop modern economic education in China. Since its founding, the CES has played an important role in bringing about fundamental changes in China’s economic system by influencing economic policy making in the country. A number of the Society’s members and former officials have been actively involved in China’s economic transition and reforms.


Sustainable Development in China and the World:Understanding the Economics of the New Normal
Chinese Economists Society (CES) 
Peking University HSBC Business School (PHBS) 
China Economic Annual Conference (CEAC) 
Chinese Economic Association of the United Kingdom & Europe (CEA-UK/Europe) 
Chinese Economics Society of Australia (CESA) 
Japanese Association for Chinese Economy and Management Studies (JACEM)  
Peking University HSBC Business School (PHBS) was founded in 2004 with the intent to advance PKU’s involvement in the global economics, finance, and management research. Located in Shenzhen, PHBS brings Peking University’s historical presence and first-tier business education programs to the country’s south and benefits from the dynamic and entrepreneurial spirit of the thriving city.

Wing Thye Woo
Hai Wen
Dwight H. Perkins
Alan J. Auerbach
Lipton, Daivid A.
Kiyohiko G. Nishimura
Charles Wyplosz
Fan Gang
Yuan Zhigang
Lu Ming
Cai Fang




Session 29 增长与发展专场(5)

2016年中国留美经济学年会第三场平行分会场之“增长与发展”专题研讨于6月11日下午在北京大学汇丰商学院大楼228教室举行,研讨由西澳大利亚... [全文]


Session 5 增长与发展专场(1)

2016年中国留美经济学年会第一场平行分会场之“增长与发展”专题研讨于6月11日下午在北京大学汇丰商学院大楼229举行,研讨由都柏林大学王黎... [全文]



2016年中国留美经济学年会第7场论文专题研讨于6月11日下午在北京大学汇丰商学院大楼311举行。 [全文]


Session 3 环境与创新专场

2016年中国留美经济学年会第一场平行分会场之“环境与创新”专题研讨于6月11日下午在北京大学汇丰商学院大楼225教室举行。研讨会由波士顿大... [全文]


Session 43 宏观经济学专场(4)

2016年中国留美经济学年会第四场平行分会场之“宏观经济学”专题研讨于6月12日上午在北京大学汇丰商学院大楼311教室举行。研讨由同志社大... [全文]








June 10-12, 2016, Peking University HSBC Business School, Shenzhen

June 10(Friday)

Arrival and Registration
Address: Kylin Villa, Vienna Hotel

June 11(Saturday)



Address: Level 1, PHBS Building

08:30 - 09:00

Opening Ceremony

Welcome by

Hai Wen, Vice Chairman of Peking University Council and Dean of PKU HSBC Business School

Wing Thye Woo, President of CES, University of California at Davis, Sunway University, Fudan University, and Institute of Population and Labor Economics at CASS


Ting Ren, Associate Dean of PKU HSBC Business School

Address:Auditorium, Level B2, PHBS Building

09:00 – 10:45 

Plenary Keynote Addresses I

Cai Fang, Vice President of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences(CASS) and a member of its leading Party members’ group

David Lipton, First Deputy Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund

Kiyohiko Nishimura, Professor of Economics of the Graduate School of Economics at the University of Tokyo and National Graduate Research Institute for Policy Studies

Orn Bodvarsson, Professor and Dean of the Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies at California State University, Sacramento
Address:Auditorium, Level B2, PHBS Building

10:45 - 11:15

Group Photo
Address:Level 1, PHBS Building

11:15 - 13:00

Plenary Keynote Addresses II

Fan Gang, Director of the National Economic Research Institute,  Chairman of China Reform Foundation and Professor of Peking University HSBC Business School
Alan Auerbach, Robert D. Burch Professor of Economics & Law and Director of the Burch Center for Tax Policy and Public Finance
Yuan Zhigang, Director of the Employment and Social Security Research Center, Fudan University and Professor of the School of Economics, Fudan University
Sun Sizhong, President of Chinese Economics Society of Australia and Senior Lecturer of James Cook University

Address:Auditorium, Level B2, PHBS Building


13:00 - 14:15

Networking Lunch
Address: Outdoor Seating Area, PHBS Building


14:15 - 15:35

Concurrent Sessions 1

Address: Levels 2 to 4, PHBS Building

15:35 - 15:50

Tea Break

15:50 - 17:10

Concurrent Sessions 2

Address: Levels 2 to 4, PHBS Building

17:10 - 18:30 

Concurrent Sessions 3

Address:Levels 2 to 4, PHBS Building

18:30 - 20:15 

All-Conference Dinner

21:00 - 21:30

“Publish in the China Economic Review” Workshop
Dr. Zhang Lei, Elsevier Publications 
Room 335, PHBS Building

June 12(Sunday)

09:00 - 10:20

Roundtable Forum 1
China's Health Economics and Policy for “Moon Shot” Precision Medicine
Address:Room 423, PHBS Building

09:00 - 10:20 

Concurrent Sessions 4
Address:Levels 2 to 4, PHBS Building

10:20 - 10:35

Tea Break

10:35 - 12:15

Roundtable Forum 2
Research Trends in Econometrics
Address: Room 333, PHBS Building
Roundtable Forum 3
How Should the Economics Curriculum Differ in USA and China?
Address:Room 337, PHBS Building
Roundtable Forum 4
Lessons in Fiscal System Reform
Address:Room 339, PHBS Building
Roundtable Forum 5
Labor Market Challenges
Address:Room 421, PHBS Building
Roundtable Forum 6
China's Growth Scenarios & Industrial Upgrading
Address:Room 423, PHBS Building
Roundtable Forum 7
Monetary Policy in Macro - Stabilization and Bubble-Creation
Address: Room 425, PHBS Building

12:15 - 13:30

Networking Lunch

Address:Outdoor Seating Area, PHBS Building

13:30 - 15:15

Plenary Keynote Addresses III
Hai Wen, Vice Chairman of Peking University Council and Dean of PKU HSBC Business School
Charles Wyplosz, Professor of International Economics at the
Graduate Institute in Geneva, Director of the International Centre
for Money and Banking Studies.
Lu Ming, Director of Center for China Development Studies at the Department of Economics, Antai College of Economics and Management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Yan Shanping, Professor of Doshisha University
Address: Auditorium, Level B2, PHBS Building

15:15 - 15:30

Tea Break

15:30 –16:40

Plenary Keynote Addresses IV

Dwight Perkins, Harold Hitchings Burbank Professor of Political Economy, Emeritus, of Harvard University

Wing Thye Woo, President of CES, University of California at Davis, Sunway University, Fudan University, and Institute of Population and Labor Economics at CASS

Wang Liming, Director of Confucius Institute for Ireland, and Irish Institute for Chinese Studies at University College Dublin

Adress:Auditorium, Level B2, PHBS Building

16:40 - 17:00

Closing Ceremony

Handover to Incoming President of CES, Professor Jun Ma, University of Alabama

Adress:Auditorium, Level B2, PHBS Building

June 13(Monday)

9:00 – 11:00

Company visit