PHBS English Writing Instructor
2018-03-07 09:46:00
For many second language learners (L2), particularly Chinese students, writing in English is most often taught as a function of language learning. Focused mainly on vocabulary building and grammar – usually to prepare students for tests – this approach overlooks the act of writing as communication. Therefore, the writing course at PHBS, though focused on academic writing, is designed to broaden second language learners’ whole language skills (listening, reading, speaking, and writing) with a communicative approach to writing emphasizing content development through process writing and peer review. Our overarching aim is to help students improve critical thinking skills to produce successful academic writing and, ultimately, a defensible master’s thesis.
Job Title: Instructor or Adjunct
Peking University HSBC Business School is currently seeking full-time lecturers or adjunct instructors with experience teaching writing in English.
Main Work Responsibilities:
1. Provide high quality teaching. The full-time teaching load is six three-credit courses per academic year which is segmented into nine-week modules (quarters), with an optional exam in the 10th week. Adjunct faculty are contracted per course.
2. Full-time faculty will support the English Skills Center for tutoring appointments or special focus workshops as needed.
3. Full-time faculty will provide additional relevant school services.
4. Adjunct faculty are exempt from providing additional service to the English Skills Center or to PHBS but must provide office hours or appointment availability to meet with students upon their request.
Work Location: Shenzhen (Xili University Town), Guangdong Province, China
Work Type: Full-time or part-time
Contract: Full-time faculty -- Three years, renewable annually depending upon performance evaluation; adjunct faculty – per course.
Work Visa/Residence Permit: Provided for full-time faculty; it is expected that adjunct faculty currently live in China and possess a residence permit
Salary: Competitive
- Master’s degree in English, writing and rhetoric, ESL/EFL, communication, applied linguistics, or related field preferred.
- Fluent English speaker
- Previous work and/or study experience in China
- 2+ years of experience teaching writing in the English language
- Experience teaching L2 learners preferred
- Excellent cross-cultural communication skills
- Excellent teaching evidence
Additional Benefits (Full-time Faculty):
- Summer and winter break
- Public medical insurance (government Social Security card) or medical insurance subsidy
- Holiday bonuses
Interested candidates should apply through with a résumé, cover letter, teaching evidence, and three reference letters. This position will remain open until filled.