Welcome, New PHBSers!
2020-09-01 17:09:38
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On the bright sunny morning of August 24, Peking University HSBC Business School (PHBS) welcomed 333 new students, including MA, MBA and Ph.D. students, to complete registration on campus.To safeguard everyone, PHBS has strictly implemented the provisions of Peking University and Shenzhen government on epidemic prevention and control.

Luggage disinfection
Students queue up for temperature checks 
Health kits 
Before being allowed on campus, students queued up for temperature checks keeping a half-meter distance between each other. They were asked to scan a QR code at the checkpoint with a mini-app embedded in WeChat, producing a one-time color code pass. Wearing PKU T-shirts, volunteers and staff assembled early and were well prepared to answer questions, give advice and offer help to new students. PHBS also distributed kits with face masks, disinfectant supplies and epidemic prevention manuals.

Staff members check students' registration materials
Volunteers help a student to complete the registration
Student volunteers are prepared to offer help

After registration, students checked in at their dormitories and took ID photos. Several commented on their experience so far.  

​Bi Zilong, master student of finance 

“The internationalization of PHBS really impresses me, as the school has a strong international faculty team and MA courses are conducted in English,” said Bi Zilong, who attended the PHBS summer forum and winter camp. The curriculum design of finance program and diverse student activities also seemed quite appealing to him.

Xia Rui, master student of financial media 
" I was looking forward to getting back to campus, and did my best to help out," Xia Rui said, recalling her volunteer experience in the epidemic prevention and control back in Dalian. She helped to disinfect frequently touched public areas and buy necessities for neighbors. " In the hard times of preparing the National Postgraduate Entrance Examination, PHBS English promotional video really touched me and encouraged me to keep going and realize my dream."

 Ding Yibin,  full-time MBA student 
"The school has outstanding faculty and excellent curriculum design. Considering my future career development and prospect, I think PHBS is a perfect choice for me, and it’s better than going abroad for further study," said Ding Yibin, adding that she gave up two offers from key universities in Australia.
Later, students attended an informational meeting to prepare for the week-long fitness and team-building training before the start of the academic year in September.

Informational Meeting

Fitness and team-building training kits

PHBS Dean Hai Wen pointed out that it is important for students to enhance the comprehensive development of ability, wisdom, physique, and morality since PHBS’s goal is to cultivate leaders for China and the world. “The training is a vital part of PHBS’s cultivation objectives. Not only can it help us build up our body, but it also helps cultivate leadership, perseverance and team spirit.”
This fall, 55 full-time international students have been admitted to PHBS programs. PHBS holds an orientation webinar for 2020 international students on August 31, to give them instructions, tips, and guidelines on the school’s academic requirements and campus life.

International Office welcomes 2020 new students
 Professor Park gives students academic guidelines 
Young Joon Park, Assistant Dean of International Affairs, elaborated on curriculum design, course arrangement, GPA requirements and scholarships, to get students well informed about the school’s academic policies and requirements. He also took questions from students concerning issues like course selection and exemption.
Nigel Wong (Malaysia, Master of Management)

 Brandon Stefano (Indonesia, Master of Management)

Nigel Wong, PHBS International Ambassador Program Member, shared his experience about online courses last semester and gave some tips in this regards. In addition, he talked about how to use the online platform Dingtalk. Brandon Stefano, President of International Student Union, spoke on topics relating to student union, as well as expectations and involvement to our international community. He also mentioned the recent recruitment of the student union and encouraged new students to join them.
In the Q&A session, international office answered questions related to students’ exams, online courses and courses registration. Due to Covid-19 pandemic and virus prevention measures, most international students will register online and attend online courses starting in September.

By Annie Jin 
Edited by Priscilla Young