Spring 2020 (Second Issue)
Beijing, Shenzhen, Boars Hill: Century Leaping at PKU
When Peking University (PKU) was founded in 1898, few could have imagined its status over 100 years later or that the school would establish a branch campus elsewhere in China
PHBS and CJBS Launch Executive Education Programs
They will work together to launch two executive education program in 2020, focusing on innovation and international management
Francisco Buera: How to Understand Trade Frictions and Build Models?
Buera’s research spans many topics, including the role of financial markets in the process of development, the rise of the service economy, and the diffusion of technologies and economic policies across countries
PHBS International Alumni's Stories in Shenzhen
Since its inception, PHBS has trained a large number of business leaders, entrepreneurs and top managers, forming a vibrant community and a powerful network of over 1,700 alumni in 64 countries
Learning Adventures in the UK
Seventeen students from the Financial Media Master’s program attended this two-week course aimed at expanding participants’ international perspective and gain insights into world-leading media organizations
Where Should Alice Go?
If there is no destination—and hence you do not know where you want to go—then it does not matter which way you go, as suggested by the Cheshire Cat
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Lubos Pastor: How to View Inequality Aversion, Populism, and Globalization Backlash?
Professor Pastor shared more insights into inequality aversion, populism, and the backlash against globalization
Jooyoung Park: Keep Asking Why and Enjoy the Moment
She recalled a defining moment, her first study-abroad experience, which rerouted her life unexpectedly and completely
Zhu Hong: Country Institutions behind Cross-Border Acquisition Performance
Professor Zhu Hong and co-authors addressed this topic in their paper published in the Journal of Management
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