Magazine 2019
Shi Jiao's Love of Magical Realism, Real Economics and Really Dynamic Shenzhen
“ It all appeared to be happening in Shenzhen, the most dynamic and innovative city in China,”
Micah Weinberg: Greater Bay Area Is Not a Replica of Silicon Valley
Weinberg pointed out that some central planning can help to reallocate resources and combine the strengths of each city
Sword of Damocles: Job Security and Earnings Management
managers often have incentives to influence reported earnings, undermining the quality of a firm s financial information Why do they choose to manipulate it?
Beijing, Shenzhen, Boars Hill: Century Leaping at PKU
When Peking University (PKU) was founded in 1898, few could have imagined its status over 100 years later or that the school would establish a branch campus elsewhere in China
Combining Educational Adventures and Crossing Cultures
In September 2018, Oxfordshire became the campus home to the first group of students enrolled in Peking University HSBC Business School s UK-China cross-border program  
14 Jan 2020
Xiao Geng:Hainan and the Greater Bay Area: Key to China's Opening
As China and the U S are struggling to get a deal on their tough trade negotiation, the stakes are getting higher and higher for both sides on the issue of China s opening
14 Jan 2020
Jaehyuk Choi : Find the Chemical Bonding between Tech and Finance
“Fintech is where finance meets technology,” he explained “For a fintech program to truly succeed, it needs ‘chemical bonding’ between the two areas ”
David Hall:I Want to Get Involved in Technology
"Being in Shenzhen allowed me to have opportunities to see it first-hand Technology in China, especially in Shenzhen, is unbelievable,”
Xu Wei: Arbitrage Involvement and Security Prices
A s hedge funds have a significant market influence and are a benchmark for the investment market, investors oft