Sixth Issue
Gernot Wagner: First Make New Technologies Cheaper to Allow for Carbon to be Priced
Increase the price of carbon and other greenhouse gases
Gianni De Bruyn : A Ph.D. Is a Long Way to Go, But I Enjoy the Journey
“PHBS has had a huge positive impact on my life “
PHBS and CJBS Announce Cooperative Program
It consists of the CJBS GEMBA programme and PHBS MCS
Jia Dun: Dynamic Price Competition, Learning-By-Doing and Strategic Buyers
This research has triggered interest across branches of economics
Care and Support for UK Campus Students During the Pandemic
All students at UK universities are now back on campus and enjoying face-to-face teaching, and extracurricular and social activities
William D. Nordhaus: China Needs to Develop Strong Comprehensive Policies, and Work with US and Other Countries to Develop the "Climate Club"
There is no substitute for global governance, and that means that China and the US must work together as brothers and sisters
PHBS-CJBS Global Pitch Competition Final Held in Shenzhen
The competition involves nearly 150 high-quality startups from around the world in a variety of fields such as medical and health care technology, agricultural technology, advanced manufacturing, and new consumption technology
Nicholas Ruck: Living with Variety and Always Exploring
As one of the first batch of graduates in the program, Nicholas chose not only to study but also to work and live in China
Jaehyuk Choi: Recent advances on the stochastic-alpha-beta-rho (SABR) model
Numerous attempts have been made to replace or improve the BS framework, which has been a significant part of mathematical finance research