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Message from the Dean
Welcome to PHBS! Located in dynamic south China hub of Shenzhen, just bordering Hong Kong (a leading financial centre), PHBS continues the century old tradition of Peking University, as an institution of “ Academic Freedom” and “Excellence”. PHBS is unique in that it offers an unparalleled combination of: in-depth China Insights, Global Perspectives and Impact to our stakeholders. At PHBS, we uphold a single vision: we aim to foster and enable Visionary International Business Leaders for the new global economy by offering a Global Education with in-depth Chinese and Asian perspectives.
As a valued partner in your journey to global business leadership, PHBS transforms you with: cutting-edge, rigorous but practical knowledge and skills to acquire confidence and creativity to act, humility and discipline to lead. We also aim to maintain the balance between two business cultures, east and west - for future business leaders.
Our programs combine real-world relevance to business, with dedication to development of individual and society as a whole. We equip our students with responsibility and creativity to make positive contributions to global development. We remain dedicated to enabling and strengthening local business with tools, knowledge, ideas to help them better perform on the global stage. Yet, we are also truly international at our core. At PHBS, you will become part of a growing network of: over 1500 degree students from over 50 different countries, collaborations with over 110 international institutes of higher learning, over 100 corporate partners. We are also continuing our journey towards international accreditation.
PHBS brings together people, cultures and ideas from around the globe to challenge your outlook, transform your organization and enrich lives.

At PHBS, you will interact with a group of individuals of the highest intellectual caliber, and solid work experience. We are powered by an exceptional full-time faculty of 70, who are leaders in their fields and close to business- specially selected for the rigour and relevance of their global research, industry experience, and the ability to synthesize learning from diverse student perspectives.Through our research efforts and case studies, we bring innovative Chinese/Asian insights to the global challenges facing managers and leaders today.

Connect with PHBS, where we will equip you for leadership in today’s New Global Economy.

Join the PHBS global community, so that we may work together to meet the challenges of tomorrow.   

Wen Hai

Founding Dean of HSBC Business School

Former Vice President of Peking University


“skill” means the knowledge and ability to solve problems and promote the development of their future companies.


“Wisdom” refers to the experience and good judgement necessary for professional success.


Fitness not only means students’ physical fitness but also their passionate spirit.

Moral integrity

Moral integrity, like honesty, fairness, honor, duty, and dedication, represent the most important qualities of future leaders and business elites.