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Admission FAQ
What types of software are used in classes for each major?
According to the students in the programs, only 2 or 3 courses use Matlab. SPSS, STATA, SAS and AMOS are also commonly used, especially in economic courses.
Does PHBS have a Bloomberg terminal? How many terminals? Do you have a financial research center?
The Financial Lab is a resource for students of Economics and Finance to track changes in financial markets the world over. The lab provides resources for students to tap into current market trends, including a Bloomberg Terminal, WIND, Eventus, Compustat, SRSP, and WRDS. Students use their school login information to access this research content, which is linked to national and international financial databases.
Are there training sessions for the Bloomberg terminal?
Yes, PHBS faculty members will conduct workshops during orientation to familiarize new students with all on-campus resources, including the Bloomberg terminal.  There is also a student manager of the finance lab that can offer assistance.
What are the requirements for maintaining a scholarship from PHBS? If I fail a class, will I lose my scholarship?
Scholarship statuses will be reevaluated after each academic year. Scholarship receiving students that fail one course at the end of the first year will have their scholarship downgraded. Students are also expected to follow all rules and regulations set by the school and the Chinese government. A committee will convene at the end of every academic year to ensure that students receiving scholarships have met the requirements. A student's academic record for their first year of study at the university as well as their level of involvement in university activities will be assessed.  If a scholarship is revoked, the student is expected to pay his/her tuition in full for the following school year.
What is the limit of classes I can take in one module?
The standing rule is that you may take take up to 3 3-credit courses in PHBS for each module.
 When you arrive on campus you may talk to individual professors about possibly auditing courses for no credit, if you are looking to take extra classes. 
When can I register for classes? When can I see the syllabi for the next Module?
Students will be able to select their courses online several days prior to the beginning of each module (which for the first module is during orientation). Each module’s course schedule will be distributed online several weeks in advance. The Administrative Office tracks student interest in specific courses and student demand for required courses for each Department, so students very seldom are unable to register for their intended courses..

How do I apply for leave?
If a request for a leave of absence is for medical reasons, official documents from the school hospital or a hospital of county level or above must be submitted. If the leave of absence is not more than one week, the application needs to be approved by his or her instructor. If it is more than one week, the application needs to be approved by the dean in charge. If the cumulative leave of absence is more than one month in one semester, the case shall be reported to Graduate School of Peking University. If the cumulative leave of absence is more than 1/3 of the total weeks of one semester, a compulsory suspension will be resulted.
If a request for a leave of absence is for personal reasons, approval of their instructors is required for no more than one week, or the approval of the dean of PHBS for no more than one month. Students shall not apply for a leave of absence in cumulative of more than one month; otherwise, they are requested to apply for suspension at Graduate School of Peking University.
Students returning from absence shall re-register at the Administration Office of PHBS before their leave of absence is due. If students require for an extension of absence, they are requested to go through the same procedures as with their first application.
When students plan to attend internship programs or other activities off campus, they shall obtain approval from their instructors and the dean of PHBS first and report to the Administration Office of PHBS. Those students leaving the school without approval will receive penalty according to relevant regulations of the school.
Can I take classes from other majors?
Yes, students may take classes from other majors within HSBC Business School, but credit towards completion of the degree will only be granted to two courses outside your major. Some of the school’s elective courses are cross-listed in two or more programs (for example, some courses are listed as both within the Economics and Finance Departments).

On average, how many required classes do I have to take per module?
Students take between one to three mandatory classes per module. The remaining course slots are filled by elective courses which are directly applicable to the student’s major (this is determined based on the course listing and the consent of the student’s Faculty Advisor). However, some modules will be completely filled with required courses dependent on the way the course schedule is arranged. 
Is the school getting EPAS accreditation for the Master of Finance program?
Yes, HSBC Business School is in the process of seeking EPAS Accreditation for its Master of Economics in Quantitative Finance, in addition to AACSB accreditation for all PHBS programs.
How many students are enrolled in the Master’s of Management? Economics? Finance?
Master of Economics: 65 students (including 4 internationals)
Master of Finance: 197 (including 18 internationals)
Master of Management: 70 (including 21 internationals)
*All students are full-time.  The data above only reflects first year students only include those in their first year of study.
What types of jobs do international students find after graduation?
At PHBS we take pride in being an extraordinarily young and dynamic graduate school, because this allows us to adjust quickly to meet the demands of our students and remain relevant in the academic landscape of each of our degree fields. However, being a new school, we don’t have a large alumni network from which we can draw statistical data.
PHBS has a Career Services Office dedicated to helping students find meaningful career and internship opportunities, and students have gone on to find work domestically and abroad in international trade, financial analysis, and corporate relations.
Past students have gone on to work for Deloitte, Philips, HSBC, ING, CitiBank, Towers Watson, General Electric, and Haygroup, among other organizations.
What is the academic schedule for the 2015-2016 year? When are the midterms and finals?
The PKU Shenzhen Calendar for the 2015-2016 Academic Year is currently online, under the ‘Academic Calendar’ tab.
It is possible that the PKU HSBC Business School academic calendar will vary slightly from that of the entire PKU campus by one or two days. The PHBS academic calendar for the coming academic year will be confirmed in July 2014.
What are some examples of cases used in the courses? Are the cases case-heavy or math-heavy?
Classes tend to be a mix of mathematical analysis and case study work, though many international students have mentioned that the mathematics component is heavier than they thought it would be. If you have questions about specific course content, only individual professors would have the answers to those questions.
Is it better to use a Mac or a PC for the software in the classes?
Matlab and excel are used in some classes, for example macro and micro economics. You don't have to switch to a windows system for your coursework. Though it's more common to use Word systems in the classes, the software should be compatible with all Apple software
How do I apply for the PhD program?
The Doctorate of Economics program is open to current Master of Economics candidates at PHBS. Currently PHBS only accepts two PhD candidates per year. Therefore, the application process is particularly selective. Domestic and international students alike are encouraged to apply. Students have the opportunity to apply for the PhD program at the beginning of their second year at PHBS. There's an interview process, and ultimately two professor advisers will choose two students.
What is school’s relationship with HSBC?
HSBC initially donated a large endowment to assist in the school’s establishment.  Though there is no continued formal relationship between the bank and the school, many of our alumni go on to work for HSBC.
Is the program the same for Chinese students and international students? Do they attend classes together?
Yes, Chinese and International students attend all classes together. However, the international students program is a two-year, accelerated track, while most Chinese students spread their coursework over three years in order to participate in part-time internships.
Can I hold an internship during the academic year?
First-year students are not permitted to hold internships during the academic year, but are urged to find internships for the following summer and their second year to supplement their graduate experience. PHBS alerts students to networking events, professional receptions, and job fairs in the area and provides students with job application counseling. Chinese government regulations on student visas present challenges and limitations on international students participating in internships in China. However, PHBS is now beginning to include a course within the curriculum specifically meant for providing a legal avenue for international students to participate in internships within China. As this is a new procedure there may be unexpected changes and improvements as we develop how to properly offer this option. 
How many international students stay in China to work after graduating?
We expect a large percentage of our international student graduates to stay in mainland China to pursue internships or full-time positions. The advantage to studying at PKU Shenzhen is not only in Peking University’s namesake, which takes students far in mainland China, but also in having the opportunity to network in mainland China and Hong Kong while still pursuing a Master’s degree. We are currently working to increase our job placement support of international students. 
What grade is required to pass a course?
Students are required to attain a cumulative grade of at least 70% to pass a course. Instances of unwarranted absences, unapproved extended leaves, or academic dishonor will result in a failing grade.
Is there a limited time that I must complete my studies?
If you're unable to graduate in the standard two-year period (or three-year period for domestic students), the school will examine your case and you will have to pay a lower tuition fee for additional semesters of study.  

Can I decide to change my major if I am not satisfied with the program I have chosen?
Peking University policy prohibits students from changing their major at any point before or during their studies.  You must continue studying within the major program you have applied for.

What information do I need to put for Guarantor of China in my application?

For the Gurantor in china, please put the information below:

Nicole Chastagner