International Ambassador Program
The International Ambassador Program is a supporting team of current PHBS international students who represent PHBS values to the world and to prospective students of PHBS. These selected ambassadors have shown tremendous gravitas during their academic and social experience at PHBS making them exceptional examples as student and future business leaders.
Roman Xia
 I chose this course primarily because of its UK-Shenzhen Cross Borders program. I have always wanted to go back to China for years to further perfect my Chinese and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. The year on our Boars Hill campus near Oxford was a very great exposure to the best of what a traditional UK education has to offer but with an innovative Chinese university like PHBS. This program is what I would call "best of both worlds".

Czech Republic
UK-Shenzhen Cross Borders Master of Management, Class of 2018
Ilse De Clerck
After having completed my BSc in Belgium, I knew I wanted to expand my knowledge beyond what was offered to me, filling in some life experience and knowledge gaps that I felt needed addressing before entering the professional world. Pursuing a master’s degree at PHBS, therefore, seemed like the perfect opportunity for me to experience a new culture, learn a new language and extend my international connections while obtaining a degree from one of China’s most prestigious universities.

Master of Management, Class of 2019
Jarar Nazar
My journey started in much of the veiled circumstances where the culture, family and society played an important role in the making of what I am today. Up until high school the premise of what I knew was what I had observed which seems to be but-natural. Although the experience became alleviating when the veil of ignorance was lifted and the cacophony of the outside world was heard. The faint yet omnipresent words of my father still echo today like a thunderous wobbling storm shaking me up when I remember his words, “now, you have to make it on your own son”. Now it was a time to take next step which was to choose university for my Master's. After careful research I choose PHBS because of the well renowned name, education quality, diversity, accreditations and awards like the AACSB, AMBA and EPAS are just few to name.

Master of Management, Class of 2018
Gillian Jean Mutyambizi
PHBS offers a quality education offered by PHBS’ professors n the world’s largest single business school teaching building, the PHBS Teaching Building. My favorite room in the PHBS Building is the financial lab. It is equipped with the LED stock ticker which shows the real-time data feed from all major stock exchanges such as the New York Exchange, the European Exchanges and the Hong Kong Exchange. We also get access to STATA, SAS, amongst others and learning in an institute with all these facilities has enabled me to gain an almost real world experience whilst still in school making my academic program enjoyable and worth investing in. Managers need to know their numbers too and this is a great platform to learn all the tricks and techniques through the financial lab.

Master of Management, Class of 2019
Kirti Krishan
If I put it in very simple words, I chose PHBS to make my future awesome and rewarding. I came here to make the best out of the fastest growing city in the world. And that too with Peking University’s education, it is nothing like a dream comes true. PHBS has a promise which can change the fortune of a student. If you are a learner, doer, and hustler, this place would be superbly rewarding for you. Having spent just one semester at the campus, and by analyzing my growth trajectory, I can very well say, that I am at the right place.

Master of Management, Class of 2019
Ka Ken Lee
I opted for PHBS which is part of the world renowned Peking University due to its highly-qualified faculty members, world-class facilities, as well as the combination of a very international environment with the Chinese culture. My academic program allows me to choose from a wide range of elective courses including those from economic and finance program. Besides the courses, the professors here came from different education backgrounds and expertise. It opens up many doors for me to select my research field.

Master of Management, Class of 2019
Matiullah Habibi
PHBS offers an international program in a traditional Chinese environment with an outstanding academic reputation of Peking University. What studying at PHBS means for me is being at the heartbeat of China’s economic growth while being around people that are leading that growth. Couple this with students who have diverse backgrounds, professors with international experience in combination with an ambitious academic program offers the ideal conditions for an international career with a deep understanding of Chinese insights.

Master of Management, Class of 2019
Ulvi Jafarli
PHBS is one of the best schools that offer English taught programs in China. Wide range of courses offered in all degree programs. I would like to enhance my knowledge by taking specific courses provided by PHBS. I already have remarkable ideas that will produce great results by the time I graduate. In my eyes, China is the best country in the world for real-life challenges and business projects for all young entrepreneurs.

Master of Management, Class of 2019
Nigel Wong
Education is opening a window into another world, learning and viewing different scenery from what you know. This is the reason PHBS was my first choice; I wanted to open my biggest Window to the World. With classmates from all over the world, I got to experience a part of their cultures, and also critically think and challenge our diverse ideas as a team
Master of Management, Class of 2019
George Gwynn-Thomas
 I chose PHBS because I wanted to study in China while learning Chinese. I found that this university hosts an international perspective to learning while being in a Chinese setting. It is also located in Shenzhen, which is very close to Hong Kong, where I previously worked and have connections. The Masters of Finance program mixes a combination of theoretical and real life scenarios into the teaching materials which I like very much. By incorporating some aspect of each course to the history and development of China, it has broadened my perspective of the country that I live and study in. This will prepare me for a job in an international company that has exposure to China.

United Kingdom
Master of Finance, Class of 2018
Brandon Stefano
My decision to go to PHBS stems from interest to study more about the growing Chinese economy and the fact that the program is fully English-taught provides a unique opportunity for me to dive deeper and learn about China and its businesses. PHBS’ location in Shenzhen also enables me to get in touch with the Chinese Tech industry as Shenzhen is the Tech capital of China. This allows me to deepen my understanding of China while also staying in touch with the Tech scene in Shenzhen. Classes in PHBS shapes its lecture around the booming Chinese economy, therefore all cases and examples used are relevant towards deepening one’s knowledge and its application in a real-life business context.

Master of Management, Class of 2019
Berwa Gisele
I like living in China especially Shenzhen. It’s a great environment with a lot of opportunities for foreigners where being a PHBS student makes you stand out. Shenzhen is rapidly growing as it is the place for the tech industry where its innovation inspires the young city of Shenzhen. When considering my graduate education, I was looking for a quality education in high reputable university. PHBS was a school that offered all of this and more which they blessed me with an admission. As a current PHBS student, I feel that I am no longer dreaming but now I am part of the larger picture in China as a PHBSer and future business leader.

Master of Management, Class of 2019
Amir Guluzade
I strongly believe that China is a leading superpower due to its vision and human capital. PHBS is a top Business School in China with world class facilities which give you an opportunity to receive qualifications from one of the top global institutions and experience the achievements of China’s opening and reforms in the leading commercial tech hub, Shenzhen. Moving to China entailed a lifestyle change; however, there is might be nothing more rewarding in terms of experience. Being at PHBS you will receive a chance to explore the world of quarter of the global population that has been previously inaccessible and tap into their daily lives.
Master of Finance, Class of 2018