Micah Weinberg: It Is Preferable to Grow in a Way that is Respectful of Communities
It is preferable to grow in a way that is respectful of communities so to the extent that one can have an escape valve on growth through an excellent transportation network
26 Mar 2021
Richard Florida: Clustering Is Even More Important for the Knowledge Economy than It Was for the Older Industrial Economy
Cities have become an organizational platform in the era of creativity and knowledge economy, and city s agglomeration power is a powerful engine that promotes innovation, competitiveness and long-term prosperity
16 Jun 2021
Innovation is the Key Driver for Shenzhen’s Reform and Development
Consistent with the survey project’s findings, the term innovation plays an ongoing and increasingly strategic role to further the reform and development process
15 Jun 2021
How to Cooperate with China
The US and China should each be doing their part to protect the global commons, not competing for global dominance
01 Mar 2021
Branko Milanović: What's the Impact of the Epidemic on Inequality?
The COVID-19 epidemic has exposed and exacerbated the long-neglected inequality problem
27 Nov 2020
Matthew O. Jackson: The Epidemic Has Magnified Social Network Inequality
How to balance the mitigation of health inequality and intellectual property protection? Can equality and efficiency be balanced? What role does finance play in inequality?
09 Oct 2020
Future Not All Doom and Gloom
Despite the pessimistic prospects for the world economy in the short term, the long-term outlook is more optimistic
07 Jul 2020
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