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Costly Long-Short Strategies under Short-Sale Constraints: Chinese Evidence

by Timothy (Jun) Lu, Jinjuan Ren, Yan Zhao

ARTICLE | International Review of Finance | Forthcoming


Long-short portfolios based on market anomalies are subject to ubiquitous short-sale constraints. Few studies directly quantify the impact of shorting on long-short strategies, largely due to the complexity of the shorting practice. We examine the Chinese market, in which the scope of the short-sale constraint and the shorting cost are clearly specified. Among size, value, and momentum strategies, we find that only size earns significant profits before short-sale constraints are considered. Imposing the scope of short-sale constraint by selling only shortable stocks does not materially change the profits. Deducting shorting costs, however, essentially wipes off all the profits of long-short portfolios.
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