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PHBS Welcomes 9 New Faculty Members

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In 2018/2019 academic year, nine new faculty members officially join Peking University HSBC Business School (PHBS). They are: Geng Xiao, Xianhua Peng, DuckKi Cho, David Lander, Zhimin Li, Linlin Ma, Dandan Tong, Marshall Urias and Zhenda Yin. Standing out from 432 candidates, they all possess of learning and researching experience from such world class universities as University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley), Cornell University and Columbia University, and will bring vigor to PHBS research and education in macroeconomics, international trade, marketing and financial engineering. 

Geng Xiao, PHBS professor of practice in finance
Geng Xiao received BA in System & Management Sciences from the University of Science and Technology of China in 1985 and PhD in Economics from UCLA in 1991. He taught at the University of Hong Kong during 1992-2008 and was a tenured faculty there. For more than 10 years, Geng Xiao held senior positions at think-tanks, financial institutions, regulatory agencies, and international organizations in Mainland China, Hong Kong and overseas, doing practical policy studies. Before joining PHBS, Geng Xiao taught at HKU as a professor of practice in finance and public policy during 2015-2018.
Geng’s research and practice focused on China’s economic reform and opening, covering macroeconomics, finance, enterprise reform, urban development, and U.S.-China relations. He published extensively in both English and Chinese, including 8 books (3 in English), dozens of journal articles and book chapters (including 7 indexed by SSCI and 10 by other international indexes), and hundreds of timely public policy commentaries.
Prof. Geng Xiao has contributed to the founding of PHBS, including teaching its first postgraduate program and supervising its first group of post-doctor students. As a professor of practice in finance at PHBS, he will teach in several PHBS programs, as well as helping the research and management.

Xianhua Peng, PHBS associate professor of finance


Xianhua Peng earned his PhD in operations research from Columbia University in 2009. Previously, he graduated from Peking University with his M.S. and B.S. in applied mathematics respectively in 2003 and 2000. During 2009 to 2010, he was a Fields Ontario postdoctoral fellow at Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences and Department of Mathematics and Statistics at York University. Peng then worked at the Department of Mathematics of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology as an assistant professor during 2010 to 2017. His research fields include quantitative finance, fintech, asset pricing, algorithmic trading, stochastic control, and risk management, among others. He has published seven academic papers and one conference paper, among which four were published on the top-tier international journals such as Management Science, Operations Research, and Mathematics of Operations Research. He also contributed to one chapter of an academic book and published two articles regarding banking regulation policies. This year, he joined PHBS as an associate professor of finance and will offer courses in quantitative finance and economics for both postgraduate and doctoral programs.


 DuckKi Cho, PHBS assistant professor of finance
DuckKi Cho earned his Ph.D. in Finance from W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University in 2017 with research focusing on corporate finance, labor economics, and behavioral finance. He also holds a M.Sc in Finance and Economics (2012) from London School of Economics and Political Science, and a M.Sc in Management Engineering (2008) and a B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering (2006) from Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology. Before pursuing an academic career, he worked as a senior analyst and manager at Fixed Income Quantitative Analysis Division of Moody's Korean Affiliate. Prior to joining PHBS, he was an assistant professor of finance at the University of Sydney Business School. His papers have won several best paper awards at conferences and his joining will contribute to PHBS research and education.

David Lander, PHBS assistant professor of economics
David Lander obtained his PhD in economics from the Pennsylvania State University in 2018. Previously, he received both his master and bachelor degrees from the University of Melbourne. His research interests include macroeconomics, household finance, labor economics and international trade. Taking the post of PHBS assistant professor of economics, Lander will offer courses in macroeconomics and labor economics. He will also participate in the work of the Sargent Institute of Quantitative Economics and Finance (SIQEF).

Zhimin Li, PHBS assistant professor of economics
Zhimin Li earned his Ph.D. degree in Agricultural and Resource Economics from the University of California at Berkeley in 2018. Before his Ph.D. study, he obtained a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Shantou University and a master’s degree in environmental economics from Yale University. His research interests lie in international trade, macroeconomics, and economic development. Among the courses that he teaches at PHBS, he introduces students to the theoretical frameworks to analyze trade policy, a highly relevant issue in today’s global economic environment.

Linlin Ma, PHBS assistant professor of finance
Linlin Ma graduated from Georgia State University in 2013 with a PhD in Finance. She earned her M.Sc. in Finance from Durham University in 2007, and B.A. in Finance from University of International Business Economics in 2005. Her research fields range from mutual funds and hedge funds, activism to behavioral finance. Prior to her joining PHBS, Ma was assistant professor of finance at D’Amore-McKim School of Business, Northeastern University. Dr. Ma has three forthcoming papers which will be published in world’s top academic journals, namely, Management ScienceJournal of Finance and Journal of Financial Economics. In addition, she has presented her work at many top finance conferences including American Finance Association and Western Finance Association annual meetings.   

Dandan Tong, PHBS assistant professor of marketing
Dandan Tong earned her PhD in marketing from Chinese University of Hong Kong, and graduated in 2013 from Guanghua School of Management, Peking University with both her master and bachelor degrees. Her main research interests include motivated processes and consumer behaviors, categorization interpretation and consumer decision, as well as impacts of interpersonal processes and social networking. She has published five conference papers in related fields. Her joining may contribute to the school’s research and teaching in marketing and communication media.

Marshall Urias, PHBS assistant professor of economics

Marshall Urias got both his PhD and master’s degree from University of California, Irvine in 2018. He earned his bachelor’s degrees in economics, finance, and accounting from California State University, Fullerton in 2013, where he also earned his second academic certificate in mathematics. Urias’ fields of interests include monetary theory, macroeconomics and international trade. Serving as PHBS assistant professor of economics, Urias’ participation will enhance PHBS research in monetary theory and international trade. 

Zhenda Yin, PHBS assistant professor of economics
Zhenda Yin has earned his PhD degree in Economics from Cornell University with research interests covering Labor Economics and Industrial Organizations. Previously, Zhenda has received his bachelor degree from the University of Melbourne. Joining PHBS as an Assistant Professor of Economics, Zhenda plans to teach courses such as Personnel Economics and Network Economics to enhance the economics education at PHBS. 

By Sophie Wu & Annie Jin

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