Fabian Tyroller
"I applied for the Master of Management because of the outstanding teaching personnel, the international environment and the opportunity to choose from a wide range of elective courses to specialise within the field of management. So far, all my expectations have been met. Faculty members are inspiring in character and expertise, thus encouraging constant improvement of one’s own capabilities.
The international student body helped me to build a network that spans the globe while at the same time, I developed an understanding of Chinese culture through the interaction with local students.

Lastly, the various elective courses have given me the chance to pursue my own interests rather than following a predefined list of business courses, which for me is the essence of postgraduate education. Even though I am far from home and I miss it from time to time, I do not doubt that coming to PHBS was the right decision for me to take."
Germany, PHBS: Class of 2016, Master of Management
Jaewuan Lim
"The primary reason that I have chosen Master of Economics in PHBS was because of the diversity of the courses, which includes historical, political and sociological modules alongside pure theory and statistics. Indeed, its reputation of Peking University in China is needless to emphasize and its global presence is also rapidly thriving.

My time at PHBS was one of my most valuable experiences. Professors enlightened me with in depth knowledge regards to my field of study and resources and facilities, such as Bloomberg terminals, WIND and various other statistical software in financial lab, enabled me to access to all sorts of information.
So, if you’re searching for academic and extra-curricular excellence in the most energetic city in China, look no further than PHBS!"
South Korea, PHBS: Class of 2016, Master of Economics
Gabriela Cooper-Vespa
I was attracted to the Masters of Management program at PHBS because it combined everything I was looking for in a postgraduate degree: an English-language curriculum at a reputable university with an international faculty, and a Chinese-business focus. Classes and life at PHBS have allowed me to learn valuable lessons about Chinese culture, institutions, and business interactions that have served me well as I have stayed in China post-graduation. 
The academic highlight of my time at PHBS was completing my thesis on venture capital in China. It was no doubt the hardest academic challenge I encountered at PHBS, but it was also the process through which I learned the most. Thanks to the guidance I received from my advisor, Professor Kevin Chastagner, and other professors within the Management Department the final product is something I will always be proud of.
United States, PHBS: Class of 2017, Master of Management