10 Jan 2019
PHBS Seminar Series: Designing Context-Based Marketing: Product Recommendations under Time Pressure
We study how to design product recommendations when consumer& 39;s attention and utility are influenced by time pr
10 Jan 2019
PHBS Seminar Series:Behavioral Ordering, Competition and Profits: An Experimental Investigation
We investigate the impact of behavioral ordering on profitability under competition Specifically, we use controlled
09 Jan 2019
PHBS Seinar series: Identification and Estimation of Forward-Looking Behavior: The Case of Consumer Stockpiling
​We study the identification of a dynamic consumer stockpiling model
20 Nov 2019
The Political Cycle of Corporate Investment: New Evidence from Chinese Manufacturing Firms
​Using near plant-level investment data from Chinese industrial firms, we show that firms significantly increase their investments right before expected turnovers of in prefecture governors
20 Nov 2019
Firm Growth and Promotion Opportunities
We develop a model in which a firm makes a sequence of production decisions and has to motivate each of its employees to exert effort
20 Nov 2019
Ordeal by Innocence: The Perils of Nudging Users into Engagement in Online Communities
Our research thus provides the first evidence for nudging being an operable approach to motivate users on UGC platforms
19 Nov 2019
Large Online Produce Catalog Space Indicates High Store Price: Understanding Customers’ Overgeneralization and Illogical Inference
Implications for practice and offer suggestions for future works will be discussed
08 Nov 2019
PHBS Seminar Series: The Microstructure of Endogenous Liquidity Provision
We propose a nonlinear rational expectations equilibrium model of high-frequency endogenous liquidity provision to e
08 Nov 2019
PHBS Seminar Series: Input Prices, Productivity and Trade Dynamics: Long-run Effects of Liberalization on Chinese Paint Manufacturers
We develop a dynamic structural model to analyze the impact of input tariff liberalization on input prices, tradi
08 Nov 2019
PHBS Seminar Series: Research: Organizing Your Paper Well for Journals
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to provide a basic list of items that many standard empirical pape
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