29 Jul 2020
The Asset Durability Premium(Online Seminar)
Abstract:This paper studies how the durability of assets affects the cross-section of stock returns More durable
29 Jul 2020
Faking Trade for Capital Control Evasion: Evidence from the Dual Exchange Rates Arbitrage in China (Online Seminar)
Abstract:Manipulating export and import transaction data for capital control evasion is an old trick but difficult
29 Jul 2020
The Role of Corporate Saving over the Business Cycle: Shock Absorber or Amplifier?
We empirically document that firms save hard during rainy" days with the degree of countercyclicality varying non
29 Jul 2020
How Important is Health Inequality for Lifetime Earnings Inequality?
We study the impact of poor health on lifetime earnings inequality First, using a dynamic panel data approach,
29 Jul 2020
Social Scientific Approaches to eHealth and mHealth
Purpose: Social scientific approach has become an important approach in eHealth studies over the past decade Howe
29 Jul 2020
The Welfare Implications of Fiscal Consolidations in Low-Income Countries
We quantitatively investigate the welfare costs of fiscal consolidations in low income countries through value adde
29 Jul 2020
With a Little Help from Friends: Strategic Fundraising and the Crowd
This paper studies the information role of strategic fundraising from family and friends Based on a crowdfunding
29 Jul 2020
Media Use and Multitasking: Implications for Advertising and Strategic Communication
User control is a characteristic of a medium, which allows users to control the pace and sequence with which in
29 Jul 2020
Return Cross-Predictability in Firms with Similar Employee Satisfaction
We study the return predictability of similar employee satisfaction (SES) firms using new firm-ranking data of emp
20 Nov 2019
The Political Cycle of Corporate Investment: New Evidence from Chinese Manufacturing Firms
​Using near plant-level investment data from Chinese industrial firms, we show that firms significantly increase their investments right before expected turnovers of in prefecture governors
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