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Professor Jia Dun: Dynamic Price Competition, Learning-By-Doing and Strategic Buyers
In the new model, sellers benefit from learning-by-doing but buyers are critically important in the way that they are able to partly internalize the impacts of their purchase decisions on the dynamics of market structure evolution
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Professor Xu Yuchen: The Telegraph and Modern Banking Development
The findings of the paper indicate that the telegraph as a revolutionary advance in information technology promoted the early development of modern banks vvv
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Professor Cai Xiaoming: Efficiency of Wage Bargaining with On-the-job Search
Professor Cai Xiaoming analyzed how the surplus should be split, when an employed worker finds a new job, so that workers and firms receive their fair share
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Nicholas Ruck: With Variety and Always Exploring
As one of the first batch of graduates in the program, Nicholas chose not only to study but also to work and live in China
How To Decrease Perceived Threat and Hoarding During the Pandemic?
Why did people collect toilet paper way more than they needed?