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Sunshine, Beach and Happy Hours!

Time:2009-09-25 16:25:55  Hits:[]
It is a once-in-a-year happy hour for PHSB teachers and students when they have fun on the beach in Xichong for the whole day on 17th Sep, 2009 for the wonderful sunshine, blue sky and barbecue party.


Soft sand, gentle wind and waves make everyone fresh at the first sight. Mr. Hai and a group of boys take the lead and set the straw umbrella. Then, here comes the real Happy Hour! Guys and girls plays beach volleyball, beach soccer and yachting around among little green islands.

When night falls, everyone gets together for the barbecue party. What an exciting hustle and bustle around the entire beach!  There are no teachers and students any more. There are only a group of young people who enjoy every little smile and every grilled corn! They sing and dance with the music claps they make for themselves. They share the food and their happy stories.




What movies do you like? When will we go to KTV next time? How about we go climbing mountains during the coming holiday? Hi, professor, I really like your classes!

This is how we begin to know each other better and love each other more. This is how we come to this family and find the right sense of belonging here. This is how we learn to be a real person who knows not only how to fight for our dream but also the need to enjoy dear moments. This is the beginning of our wonderful journey here.
Good night, Xichong and HELLO FUTURE!
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