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National Day Soirée: Celebrate 60th Anniversary

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IN THE evening of 28th Sep, the National Day Soirée for the 60th Anniversary was held in Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School. School leaders, faculties and students attended the soirée with their heartfelt patriotism and love to our nation.

Prof. Wen Hai, Vice President of Peking University, initiated the soirée with a passionate speech of our country's history, the history of Peking University and the responsibility for all the faculties and students.

In the soirée, everyone enjoyed various kinds of performances, including chorus, Chinese traditional dances and modern dances, poem readings, drama and Chinese traditional opera and so on so forth.

In the end, Prof. Wen Hai with all the audience started to sing the great song of Ode to the Motherland, which led to a successful end to the soirée and fill the whole conference hall with passion and proud.

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