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PHSB Students Invited to the Asia-Pacific Economics Science Association

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The Asia-Pacific Economics Science Association was held at the University of Melbourne from 18th to 22nd February. The essay “Testing for Different Consumer Motivations to Buy Counterfeit Product”, written by student from year 2008 named Fangling Zhang, and the essay “Do Investors Over React to News?”, written by student from year 2009 named Jing Yang were chosen to be delivered at the association. Jing Yang also got the Student Scholarship provided by the association.


Economics Science Association is a feast for Empirical Economics. More than 80 prestigious scholars from America, Japan, England, Brazil and other countries attended the association and shared their essays, scholars including Jacob from California Institute of Technology and Yan Chen from the University of Michigan. This association offered the two students an opportunity to experience the world class academic association and improved the communication between HSBC School of Business and world famous universities and scholars.



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