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PHBS Held Its 2011 Opening Ceremony

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On 5th September 2011, PHBS held its 2011 opening ceremony at Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School International Conference Center. Professor Wen Hai, Vice President of Peking University and Dean of PHBS, Associate Dean Vincent Chang and Wei Wei, faculty of PHBS, staff, as well as current students attended this opening ceremony.


A DV of 2011 new students’ military training started the opening ceremopny. The moments of military training recorded in DV not only brought the 2011 new students back to those memorable days but also showed all faculty and the senior students their passion to new life. After the DV show, all rose to sing the song “Eternal Love of Beida”, the school anthem of Peking University.


Associate Dean Vincent Chang introduced the faculty to all 2011 new students. Faculty representative Professor Fritz Koger from PKU and Geng Xiao from HKU addressed the audience. Senior students representative Minran Pan welcomed new students to PHBS and shared with them her living and studing experience in Nanyan. All 2011 new students introduced themselves on stage with their own humor and style.


Professor Wen Hai awarded the Universiade Volunteers and Excellent students in military training, gave recognition and appreciation to their devotion.

At the end, professor Vincent Chang made a conclusive speech and suggest all students to cultivate themselves leadership and independent thinking.








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