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Journey to the North---International students embrace the vitalities of PKU

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It’s for the PKU annual games, it’s for unity, it’s for the purpose of cheering, and it’s a journey – a journey to the north.  
For long, we talked about going to Beijing, so all of us international students can stand below the horizontal inscribed board and take photos, where the four Chinese characters of Peking University are hanging high. When Amanda first made the seemingly crazy suggestion, we were all fascinated. Then, the dream finally came true!

We woke up before the crack of dawn, excited at the day ahead. Even with a lack of sleep, our spirits were somehow high as we made our way to PKU. When we arrived we suddenly realised that it was a freezing cold morning and we were still dressed as if we were in Shenzhen! Shivering and sleepy, in the very beginning, we all wanted to return to our warm hotel beds. However, when we got to see the mountains of people on the sports ground, all dressed up in fancy costumes, we immediately immersed ourselves into the vibrant energies that surrounded us. We were impressed more than anyone else by the atmosphere and the roarings. Had we been told what the games were truly about, we would have been more appropriately dressed. Nevertheless, we formed a line, we held the banners, we lifted our heads high, and we marched as a team. At that point, we were representing “the internationalisation” of PKUSZ, we were definitely proud of ourselves. Boss Hai, as head man of PKUSZ, had remained on stage to greet us, he smiled with an obvious readiness to stand up, instead he waved at us – we were cheering aloud as if we were marching like real athletes. Boss Hai coloured with pleasure at the obvious sincerity of our presence – only less than a year ago, we were at all corners of the world, not caring the slightest hint of knowing each other at all. But at that precise moment, when we hauled up our hands with exhilaration and wielded our little national flags with delight, who would object that we were beyond doubt embracing the vitalities of Peking University?
The following afternoon was the campus tour that we were yearning for a long time. We were all impressed by the beautiful Weiming Lake, Boya Tower and oriental styled architecture CCER(Center for Chinese Economic Research), where we were so lucky to see Boss Hai’s office. His office was packed with the naïve curiosity of children alike at a circus parade, our inquisitive eyes browsing through his lifetime of collectable treasures and memories. Some are truly adorable – like the cute painting of him made by his little daughter. It does not exaggerate to say that Boss Hai is like a father to us international kids. We are truly grateful for him to provide us this precious opportunity in Beijing campus and we feel really lucky to have him around.
That afternoon, we walked everywhere around the main campus. Gradually, our legs were sore and our feet were hurting. However, there’s one last activity to do, but certainly not the least – taking photos in front of the West Gate of Peking University! As we were, in reality, standing below the horizontal inscribed board, where the four Chinese characters of Peking University are hanging high, it somehow occurred to us, that we would not know defeat and sorrow that easily, even when they stared us in the face, we raised our chin.
Written by Jinwei Zuo
Edited by Gareth Wetherill 

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