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PHBS Holds International Student Town Hall Meeting

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    The HSBC Business School administration decided to hold a Town Hall meeting Wednesday for all first and second-year international students. The meeting was an opportunity for international students to express their opinions on anything from standard of academics to student life and to provide constructive feedback to school officials on means of improving the school. HSBC Business School has an enduring commitment to improving the resources available to international students and to ‘internationalizing’ itself as an institution of higher education.

    Over thirty international students were in attendance, and all were keen to have their perspectives heard. Vice Dean Vincent Chang facilitated the meeting, along with Management Professor Young Joon Park and multiple representatives of the PHBS Administrative Office. 
First, students got a chance to speak one-by-one in identifying how they believed the school could be improved, or what they believed was already being done well. Once all students had gotten the opportunity to speak, Vice Dean Chang went through their comments and discussed how the school could use this feedback in the future. 

    The meeting was exceptional in a Chinese university, as students are rarely afforded the opportunity to voice their concerns to administrative officials. Nevertheless, the meeting generated a great deal of ideas for the future, and PHBS plans on holding a similar meeting for students each module of the academic year.
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