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Boya Finance Association, Peking University

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Boya Finance Association, Peking University, BFA for short, was founded in 2007, formerly known as Commercial Management Association, Peking University. After two years of developing and exploring, combining the development course and characteristics, the association officially changed its name into Boya Finance Association, Peking University in Oct. 2009. BFA’s general goal focuses on enhancing members’ knowledge base and guiding their self-development. Featuring communication and experience sharing, BFA committed itself to research on economics and finance, professional skills developing, and social activities. Members of BFA mainly came from PHBS, and also from other schools of PKU Shenzhen. The organization structure of BFA consists of five departments: Presidium, Academic Department, Publicity Department, Activity Department, and Secretary Department.
BFA is dedicated to provide members with a wide variety of academic or social networking activities, endeavoring to build an integrated platform for members to learn and enjoy in a pleasant atmosphere. The academic activities of BFA will be mainly conducted in two ways: weekly internal training and afternoon tea party. Also, BFA will corporate with Peking University or other school associations to host lectures and seminars. Fellowship activities will be held periodically regarding opinions of members.
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