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JAZZ, A Documentary by Ken Burns, Part One at the 4C Forum

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JAZZ, a multi-video series on the history of this uniquely American art form, will be the feature as we view Part One at the 4C Forum on Monday, October 20. Produced by acclaimed documentary filmmaker Ken Burns, this 90-minute first part of the 10-part series establishes the concept of jazz and introduces viewers to some of the most respected jazz artists of our times who help us understand the legacy of blacks in America and how their experience gave birth to a musical genre that still stands the test of time. The rest of the series will be scheduled over the next few months, but don't miss this foundational episode!
The 4C Forum is held Mondays at PHBS room 231 starting at 19:30. It is free and open to all who wish to come. Invite your friends! www.forum4c.com
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