Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at PHBS
Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) is a comprehensive institution established by Peking University HSBC business school (PHBS), which focuses on training talents for innovation and entrepreneurship; integrating enterprise, government and academic resources; promoting the ecological development of innovation and entrepreneurship, and integrating teaching, research and entrepreneurial services. The center continues to introduce the world's leading innovation and entrepreneurship resources, through the non-profit lectures about innovation and entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship courses, international innovation and entrepreneurship competition etc. to build a sound ecosystem with innovation and entrepreneurship methodology as the core.
Professor CHEN Wei, director of CIE, used to be the senior vice president of DiDi, executive vice president and chief human resources officer of Vanke Group, president of greater China, northeast Asia, global executive committee and board director of Hay Group.
The major work of CIE is as follows:
  • I-Forum
In order to better stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship ideas, enhance innovation and entrepreneurship exchanges in various fields, and promote the continuous development of the innovation and entrepreneurship environment, CIE has set up a series of non-profit innovation and entrepreneurship themed activities, I-Forum. So far, I-forum has invited many top entrepreneurs and investors from different times to share with us, including WANG Shi, founder of Vanke Group; FENG Lun, chairman of Wantong Holdings; LIU Zihong, founder of Roewoo Technology; MAO Daqing, founder of Youke Factory, BO Lianming, former president of TCL, and WANG Qiang, co-founder of Zhenge Fund.
  • PHBS-CJBS Global Pitch Competition
PHBS-CJBS Global Pitch Competition is an international innovation and entrepreneurship competition platform jointly hosted by PHBS and University of Cambridge Judge Business School. The competition combines the advantageous resources such as top investment institutions and industrial leading enterprises, to create a competition system of matching capital, enabling industry and combining selection and breeding for entrepreneurial enterprises, so as to help them gain capital attention, get insight into the industry and consolidate the business foundation.
  • Enterprise Lifecycle Consulting
CIE has rich experience about consulting services, covering the full lifecycle of an enterprise. The customers include mature large enterprises or high - speed developing entrepreneurial enterprises.
  • "Unicorn" Accelerator
CIE provides long-term tracking guidance and companion services for start-ups with high potential to become industry “unicorns”. CIE aims to help promising “unicorns” to overcome the key problems in the development stage, bridge the gap, and let them stand out from the market selection and fierce competition.
  • Research Institute of Aging Society
  • In the autumn of 2019, CIE has set up the Research Institute of Aging Society, combining domestic and overseas scholars and industry experts in this field to study the business models needed by aging society in the future, and provide incubation and growth assistance for start-up projects. Professor CHEN Wei is the director and Ms. ZHAO Wanqiu is the executive director of the institute.