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First and foremost, I wish to express my gratitude to Peking University HSBC (PHBS) and my home school Wits Business  for awarding me the golden opportunity to have been an exchange student here in Shenzhen, China. My gratitude also goes to the Dean Wen Hai who has been in full support of the cultural studies program. I also wish to acknowledge the stellar bilateral relations between the two Governments, Chinese and South African governments, where they have crafted and endorsed diplomatic and strategic relationships, which I have become one of the beneficiaries.

My name is Nomasonto Queen Ndlovu, a master student in entrepreneurship and new venture creation, and  a business woman, mother, sister and friend to others, from the Republic of South Africa. I live in the largest economic province by GDP, in a city called Pretoria. I have a Bsc(Hons) qualification and I have been running small business for about 18 years prior me taking a decision to go back to the business school. The decision was taken as part of my entrepreneurial journey to become a Born Global through my Start –Up firm called Queen Global.

I am humbled to share that this has been the best decision of my life because the student exchange program has exceeded my expectations. I have always had a peculiar interest towards China. The culture, the people and how it has emerged to be an economic power house in the whole world. It has been a unique opportunity to experience this atmosphere first-hand.

Not only did we experience international student first class treatment from PHBS , but we also had the opportunity to choose from a variety of course modules that added substantial value into my stay here. One of my favorite modules was Chinese cultural studies provided by Professor Haifeng Huang. The course was very practical and well delivered. We also had the opportunity to visit successful local firms which have become multinationals. I had been looking forward to the company visits and my expectations were once again exceeded. Some of them treated us with fine dining experiences and we learnt about the unique corporate culture that made them successful.

Professor Haifeng Huang and his team, invited guest speakers who addressed a multitude of topics such as  Chinese business etiquette and how to  successfully apply “guanxi” social capital. It is thanks to Professor Huang's passion and commitment for his all-inclusive program that exposed us to Chinese culture in a number of ways from tea ceremonies to hot- pot events.

I am grateful to mention that as an entrepreneur in South Africa, I was able through this program to identify business prospects and I was blessed to meet a new business partner, a start-up from campus. I cannot wait to take these industry related solutions and knowledge back home. My appreciation also goes to PHBS staff, fellow international students and CAs.

By Nomasonto Queen Ndlovu
Exchange Student at PHBS

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