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A Vibrant, Academically-Oriented Community at PHBS

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                                                    Members of PHBS Class of 2015


At PHBS, international and domestic students have the opportunity to participate in many events and activities on and off-campus.  PHBS students can join a number of different professional Associations on campus such as International Business Association (IBA), Investment Bank & Law firm Association (ILA), Commercial Bank Association (CBA) and many more. These professional associations are open to all students who are interested in joining and enriching their professional development. PHBS students can take advantage of the school's extensive resources and contribute to the advancement of the international community and leverage themselves for career opportunities in the future.

                                       International Students hosting an event

PHBS students not only have the opportunity to join professional clubs but also sporting clubs such as Soccer club, badminton club and many others.  Throughout the year PHBS students participate in many school activies such as the thanksgiving party, New years celebration, field day, fall and spring outing.  These opportunities allow our students to integrate themselves deeper into Chinese culture as they participate in these events with their fellow Chinese classmates. There are also events such as learning to write calligraphy and many more.
                                            Dean Hai Wen with PHBS soccer team

The Peking University Shenzhen campus, like the rest of the city, is an extremely safe place. Not only are incidents of theft and violent crime extremely rare, but the campus is also patrolled by security guards, and all dormitories and academic buildings are accessible by card-swiping or electronic key locks.

                                                 PHBS Students learning calligraphy     
                        PHBS international students enjoying Thanksgiving party together

Student comfort is a significant concern for HSBC Business School. The school is always open to constructive feedback from students on means of improving facilities and making the experiences of international students as enjoyable as possible. In the past year alone, PHBS has worked with the larger campus to adjust on-campus dining options, residential policies, and study space availability as a direct result of international student feedback. PHBS international community is expected to grow every year and so we're committed to doing our best to provide our students with a community they can feel to grow and cultivate themselves to become the best global leaders of tomorrow.

To learn more about Campus life, please refer to the Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School Website

              PHBS student Harish Singing a Hindi Song called Desi Girl at the New Year's Party

                                          PHBS students during the Spring outing

                             PHBS Students enjoying themselves at the the Thanksgiving party


   Two international students at the PHBS performing during the New Year Party 

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