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Remarks by Students to the Program

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(1)  Course Teaching quality and lecture arrangement

----“Love all the lectures, especially those closely related to cutting-edge problems. Lots of seminars which enable us to learn various things, and all the teachers are sooooo great, nice and considerate to us.”
----“Good, the teachers are from different universities with different thoughts, which offers us opportunities to learn many new ideas. And school also invited a lot of speakers to give the wonderful speech every week.”
----“I think all the courses are well-organized, especially leadership and Chinese economy. Due to lack of basic law knowledge, the module of Financial Law is little bit difficult to absorb. For lectures arrangement, everything is perfect if the schedule can be arranged ahead of time.”
----“Very good, beyond expectations.”
----“Well-organized; Professors delivered the lecture with full preparation; The level of some course can be upgraded; maybe a pre-exam could be held to adjust the course level. The time arrangement is not so flexible. The lunch break time could be shorter so that the lecture could finish earlier.”
(2)  After-class activities, library supports and Wi-Fi access

----“The after-class work was amazing. The speed of wi-fi was generally ok.”
----“The spring travel is extremely good. The online library is convenient once we command how to use it. Wi-fi is good too.”
----“The spring tour and tour to London also left me a good impression. The library and access to some important database should be strengthened, other facilities like the kitchen, wi-fi is very good.”
----“Two trips are pretty wonderful for us to be familiar with British culture, however, the schedule for the trip of Shakespeare’s hometown was too hurry. Library supports are good enough, and so is wi-fi.”
---- “It's incredible, very good”
(3)  Administrative support and cares

----“Very thankful and grateful for the hardworking teachers and administrative staff, all of them are warm-hearted and helpful.”
----- “All the administrative teachers and working people here are so good that they are willing to offer any help you need.”
----- “Love those admin staff, they are soooo hard-working and supportive, very enthusiastic and helpful in answering and solving all the problem. Teachers are even willing to drive us to school once the school bus is in trouble. The kitchen is always clean and kept everything in order.”
----- “We are taken care of very well.”
----- “The teachers have done a great job. Thank you.”
(4)  Accommodation and other logistic supports

-----“The accommodation is very near to city center, which is so convenient for our life, and we can totally enjoy the atmosphere of living in oxford. And the shuttle bus arrangement could be improved.”
----- “Accommodation is good, but it would be better if there is cooker there. The school bus is great in most time, but it would be better if it picks us at accommodation. It’s too far to walk to Berti Place.”
----- “For accommodation, is pretty good with a single room. For logistic supports, the time schedule seems helpless due to traffic, cause the driver seldom arrives at the pick-up point on time.”
------ “If the shuttle bus can pick up students at the accommodation every round, it will be great. Also, it will be a great benefit for the students in the future if there is a small canteen for students to grab some snack or affordable lunch.”
(5)  General Experiences and Satisfaction on the visiting study

----- “Wonderful and it is a really memorable memory in my life.”
----- “It’s so great. A wonderful experience. Totally worth it.”
----- “Very satisfied and feel really lucky to be one of the students who arrive at the UK campus first. The only problem is that the visiting study lasts too short and we have to take classes squeezed into a single day, which is a bit of tired.”
----- “Unforgettable, fresh, fun.”
----- “Very satisfied”
(6)  How to improve the visiting study further in the UK Campus?

---- “It's perfect if have a canteen!”
---- “I find there could be more connection with Oxford University (students or classes there) since we are already here, especially living in the downtown area. If there going be a dining hall, that will be better! Cooking costs a lot of time.”
---- “We can cooperate more with the local universities in oxford, and have more foreign students here for better communication.”
---- “Reschedule the timetable of the classes, not that tight and hurry. Then, maybe added some opportunities for students to communicate with the Oxford local students, formal or casual occasions are both fine. Thirdly, lectures on British culture and the culture difference between China and Britain is in high demanding.”
---- “More opportunities to talk with students of University of Oxford.”
  The group photo of the students, faculty and staff

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