PHBS Seminar Series: How to Publish: Getting a Good Strat to Your Paper

Publishing research papers in quality academic journals is always challenging. To improve the odds of publishing in the better business and allied social sciences journals, authors need to get their papers off to a good start. To do that, much attention should be devoted to the papers introduction. The purpose of this research is to analyze the introduction of some exemplary papers in the social sciences, primarily in the management and international business areas and contrast those with more mediocre introductions. This research draws on a purposive sample and presents three exemplary introductions for discussion. Structural problems with the introduction are a major reason why otherwise good research has problems with positioning and organization. Thus this paper contributes in providing guidance to authors in writing and organizing their introductions, from which they can also better organize and develop their manuscripts. This can increase the chances of the paper in being accepted by a scholarly journal. Additional helpful examples and sources for authors are also provided and discussed.