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PHBS Alumni on the 14th New Fortune Best Analyst List

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Thirteen PHBS alumni have been named “Best Analyst” by New Fortune Magazine.This is the 14th year that the magazine has made these awards, which have gained recognition and influence in the marketplace over the past decade. Founded in 2001, New Fortune Magazine provides insight into business case studies and in-depth macro analysis, as well as ranking businesses on their annual revenues and influence.
The magazine’s annual awards were the first such awards in China, and New Fortune highlights them along with a series of in-depth reports on the Chinese securities industry and industry rankings. This year, the magazine announced awards for over 30 fields, including best analysts, outstanding research leaders, best sales managers, top 10 local research teams, top 3 fast growing research institutions, and research institutions with the greatest potential.
Following are the PHBS alumni award winners:

 (From left to right: Liu Xiaoning, Jiang Junyang, and Yang Ling)

Liu Xiaoning (2006, economics) is general manager of the Energy and Environment Department of Shen Wan Hong Yuan (SWHY) Security Research & Consulting. Liu is also the chief analyst for coal and environmental industries. A practitioner for seven years, Liu has won this award for the sixth consecutive year.
Jiang JunYang (2006, economics) is senior analyst in the Financial Engineering Department of Shen Yin Wan Guo (SYWG) Security Research & Consulting. After his 2009 graduation, he focused on derivatives research, including futures and options. Jiang ranked 4th and 3rd place in “New Fortune Best Analyst” respectively in 2014 and 2016, while he won second place for this award in 2011, 2012 and 2015.
Yan Ling (2006, economics) joined China Merchant’s Securities (CMS) in 2011 and is the company’s senior macro analyst. Yan’s team ranked 5th place in New Fortune’s “Best Analyst” awards this year. Previously, her team has won “New Fortune Best Analyst” and the “Crystal Ball Award for Seller-Side Analyst.” In addition, they have won “The Golden Bull Award,” well-known in China’s fund industry conferred by China Securities Journal.

(From left to right : Fan Yang, Jiao Juan, and Ao Dandan)
Fan Yang (2008, economics) is the director of GuoTai JunAn (GTJA) Household Appliance Industry Division. Prior to joining GTJA, he worked for SYWG Securities and United Bank of Switzerland (UBS) Securities and focused on small and medium companies. In 2013, Fan joined GTJA and shifted his focus to household appliances. In 2016, he was nominated for the “New Fortune Best Analyst” and ranked second place for the second consecutive year. His team also was awarded the Golden Bull by China Securities Journal this year.
Jiao Juan (2008, economics), is co-chief analyst of TianFeng Securities Division of Technology, Media and Telecom Industries. In 2016, her team won first place in “New Fortune Best Analyst” and China Securities Journal’s “Golden Bull Award.”
Ao Dandan (2008, management) joined HuaTai Securities in 2015 where she manages clients for major mutual funds. Her team won 5th place this year for the magazine’s “Best Sales Team in Guangzhou-Shenzhen Region.”

(From left to right :Shao Jingli, Hu Zhengyang, and Li Zhineng )
Shao Jingli (2008, management) joined Industrial Securities for the Guangzhou-Shenzhen region in 2013. As sales manager, she provides professional investment consulting services for major mutual funds. Her team again won first place as “New Fortune Best Local Sales Team,” having also taken the award the past two years.
Hu Zhengyang (2009, economics) is military industry chief analyst for GuangFa Securities. Previously, he worked for CITIC Securities. This year, his team ranked third in “New Fortune Best Analyst.” In 2014, they took first place for the “Crystal Ball Award” and second place in “New Fortune Best Analyst.” The group also was awarded the Golden Bull in 2014 by China Securities Journal.
Li Zhineng (2009, economics) is a core member of the GuoXin Securities Fixed Income Research Team. He initially focused on macro-economic research then shifted focus last year. Li ranked fourth place in “New Fortune Best Analyst” in 2016.

 (From left to right : Liu Yuenan, Jiayin, Zhangxiang, and He Yingyi  )

Liu Yuenan (2009, management) is the director of the Social Service Industry Division at GTJA. She worked for China Investment Securities and China Securities before she joined GTJA. In 2016, her team ranked second in “New Fortune Best Analyst” and first in “Golden Bull Award” conferred by China Securities Journal.
Wang Jiayin (2010, economics) is a core member of the SWHY strategy team where she focuses on Shanghai stock market strategy research. In 2016, her team ranked third in “New Fortune Best Analyst.”
Fan Zhangxiang (2010, management) is a senior analyst with SWHY in the Light Industry Division. In 2016, his team ranked first in both “New Fortune Best Analyst” and China Securities Journal’s “Golden Bull Award.”
He Yingyi (2012, management) is sales manager for SWHY in its South China Department. Her team mainly provides investment research services for the company’s mutual funds and private equities. Her team ranked third in “New Fortune Best Analyst.”

( From left to right:  Wang Delun, and Liu Huafeng )
The above were among a slate of 15 PHBS alumni nominees. Two who were nominated for “New Fortune Best Analyst” were Wang Delun (2008, economics), Chief Strategy Analyst for Industrial Securities and Liu Huafeng (2010, economics), Chief Analyst of Non-Ferrous Metals at GTJA.

By Fabio Deng 
Edited by Priscilla Young and Annie Jin

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