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PHBS Attends Postgraduate Study Fair, Launching its Recruitment

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It’s that time of the year again; recruitment for next year’s admissions has officially started!
To start this year’s recruitment, two members of the PHBS International Office were in London last week, to attend the Postgraduate Study Fair on the campus of the University of London, promoting our programs and highlighting our brand new UK campus.
The event was a success and was attended by 848 visitors and 69 exhibitors, among which were well renowned schools and universities, such as London Business School, the University of Manchester, University of Birmingham, Bristol and Oxford University.
PHBS staff at the Postgraduate Study Fair in London
During the same week, PHBS also held an event in Cambridge, UK. The event, titled “Exploring Business & Career Opportunities with China”, gave interested students an opportunity to learn about professional opportunities in China, as well as learn about the opportunities available for them through PHBS.

Additionally, Dr. John S. Hoffmire, Ph.D., director of the Entrepreneurs in Residence Programme at Saïd Business School of Oxford University, held a brief lecture about disruptive innovation and China, introducing the concept developed by Clayton Christensen, a professor at Harvard Business School, to the audience. Dr. Hoffmire further raised and answered questions with regards to growth respective development of the business- and technological environment in China, embedding the topic into a global context and discussed through the conceptual lens of disruptive innovation.
Professor John Hoffmire delivers a speech on nnovation in China
Professor Guy Liu, director of PHBS UK Campus, gives remarks
Luoqi, consultant-based UK EDP program director
Marianne Wiesli from PHBS Shenzhen International Office, and Ben, who talked about his experience in China, as a former student in Chinese language at Tsinghua University
Want to take a new path in your life and career and discover China at the same time? Apply now to our master’s programs in finance, ,management or economics at our campus in the dynamic and thriving city of Shenzhen. Or choose to participate in the newly established UK-Shenzhen cross-border programs in finance or management. 

Marianne Wiesli, in charge of International Admissions at PHBS Shenzhen
Students interested in our master’s programs can apply online now.

More information about how to apply here: http://english.phbs.pku.edu.cn/admissions/Admissions_Bulletin/
For further information, contact us at int.admissions@phbs.pku.edu.cn

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