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PHBS Building Awarded “Outstanding Designs” by AS&U Magazine

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Peking University HSBC Business School was granted the “outstanding designs” award by American School & University magazine (AS&U) in its August issue. This is another international award that PHBS received after it certified with LEED. LEED-certified buildings are resource efficient, as they use less water and energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Princeton University, University of Chicago, Rice University and University of Washington, and other institutions also won the award in AS&U August issue. 

PHBS building wins the award of “outstanding designs” by AS&U magazine

AS&U, serving as the main assessment part of this award, was established in 1983. This magazine focuses on reports and research on the design, construction and maintenance of education facilities in American elementary, secondary school and universities. AS&U holds annual assessment of education facilities and show the results in its August issue, which provides decision-makers in schools and universities the reference and enlightenment to better maintain and operate those education facilities. PHBS building is awarded this time for its contributions in energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection. 
The news report of PHBS building in AS&U magazine 

AS&U gave such a detailed explanation for granting PHBS the “outstanding designs”award: PHBS building has energy-saving glass, siphon drainage with reduced pumps on the roof, rainwater harvesting system. It also equipped with high-efficiency systems which could reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. Besides,  PHBS building also adopted CBRE property management group, the best practitioner in property management to operate and maintain its daily operation in a green and low-carbon mood, which also did a lot of favor in helping this building won the award.

 passageway of PHBS building
hanging garden located on the 6th floor of PHBS Building

PHBS meeting room

It is said that PHBS building not only extends its environmentally friendly concepts, but also manifests its openness and internationalization. Based in Shenzhen, China, PHBS always gears to international standards in its disciplinary construction, talent introduction, teaching methods and education facilities. This AS&U “Outstanding Designs”  has also been one of its benchmarks for becoming the world’s top tier business school.

front view of PHBS building

By Sophie Wu
Edited by Annie Jin

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