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Students of PKU-Monash Project Visit PHBS

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As this year marks the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening up , students of the " PKU-Monash" project went to Shenzhen,the forefront of China's reform and opening up and visited Peking University HSBC Business School (PHBS)  on  April 21, 2018.  A total of 34 students paid the visit, including 34 Australian students and one Chinese student from Hong Kong.
Monash University is Australia's largest university with the largest number of students and is one of Australia's eight prestigious universities. "Peking University - Monash University" project is jointly organized by Peking University and Monash University in March each year. It is a 12-week project that provides Monash University students a chance to focus on the “Chinese economy” and one of the characteristics of this project is the combination of "theory and practice". Based on the study of economic theory, the students are led to in-depth visits to famous universities and enterprises.

 Angelina Chen hosts the event

Cindy Choquet  speaks on the history of Shenzhen 

Hosted by Angelina Chen from MA-PhD Program, the activity began at 9:30 am in the Class Room 335 of PHBS building and the program admission staff Cindy Choquet briefly spoke on the history of Shenzhen and Shenzhen University Town. She further introduced PHBS faculty and the application process for students.

Sharon Condon shares her own experience

PHBS Australian English Lecturer Sharon Condon then shared her unique work and life experience in China during the Q&A session. She loves Shenzhen's vibrant and friendly atmosphere and hope more Australian students will apply for PHBS graduate programs.

  John Aycock talks about the impact of China on legal education globalization 

John Aycock,director of Graduate and International Programs of Peking University School of Transnational Law  ( STL ) , presented his view on China’s impact on the western legal tradition and the globalization of legal education by showing a preview from the Pearl River Delta. He then introduced STL postgraduate education and emphasized the increasing importance of China and the Pearl River Delta in the international arena.

 The Q&A and discussion session 
After the sharings and discussions, Angelina made a brief introduction about PHBS Building and Shenzhen Graduate School campus. Students then took a tour in PHBS building, the beautiful campus, and further communicated with PHBS faculty and international students.
A group photo in front of the PHBS Building
By Kaixin Ding and Angelina Chen
Edited by Annie 
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