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What Do PHBS Faculty Members Publish in International Authoritative Journals in Recent Years?

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After more than ten years' development, Peking University HSBC Business School has grown stronger in its academic strength,and achieved fruitfully in research. Since 2017, PHBS faculty have published 20 papers (including 4 papers) in international authoritative journals, and 52 papers (including 6 papers) in SSCI journals. The followings are details of the publications in the international authoritative journals which alphabetized by last name:


Jaehyuk Choi

Sum of All Black–Scholes–Merton Models: An Efficient Pricing Method for Spread, Basket, and Asian Options, Journal of Futures Markets, Volume38, Issue6,June 2018,Pages 627-644

Daniel S. Kim

Value of Corruption in China: Evidence from Anti-corruption Investigation(with Yun Li, Domenico Tarzia)Economics Letters , Volume 164, March 2018, Pages 112-116

Performance Share Plans: Valuation and Empirical Tests(with Craig W. Holden)Journal of Corporate Finance, Volume 44, June 2017, Pages 99-125

Di Li

Inefficiencies and Externalities from Opportunistic Acquirers(with Lucian A. Taylor, Wenyu Wang)Journal of Financial Economics,Volume 130, Issue 2,2018, Pages265-290

Linlin Ma

Portfolio Manager Compensation in the U.S. Mutual Fund Industry (with Yuehua Tang and Juan-Pedro Gómez) Journal of Finance(forthcoming)

What a Difference a (Birth) Month Makes: The Relative Age Effect and Fund Manager Performance(with Jianqiu Bai, Kevin Mullally, and David Solomon) Journal of Financial Economics(forthcoming)

Portfolio Manager Ownership and Mutual Fund Risk Taking (with Yuehua Tang)Management Science(forthcoming)

Seungjoon Oh

Fire-sale Acquisitions and Intra-industry Contagion,Journal of Corporate Finance,Volume 50, June 2018, Pages 265-293

Xianhua Peng
Surplus-Invariant, Law-Invariant, and Conic Acceptance Sets Must Be the Sets Induced by Value at Risk(with Xue Dong He)Operations Research ,Volume 66, No.5, Sept.- Oct.2018,Pages1268 - 1275

Sungbin Sohn

Could the Extended Trading of CSI 300 Index Futures Facilitate Its Role of Price Discovery?(with Xiaofeng Zhang)Journal of Futures Markets, Volume37, Issue7,July 2017,Pages 717-740

Domenico Tarzia

Value of Corruption in China: Evidence from Anti-corruption Investigation(with Daniel S. Kim,Yun Li)Economics Letters , Volume 164, March 2018, Pages 112-116

Qing Wang

Family linkages, Social Interactions, and Investment in Human Capital: A Theoretical Analysis(with Xiangrong Yu)Journal of Comparative Economics, Volume 45, Issue 2, May 2017, Pages 271-286

The Impact of Maternal Employment on Children’s Adiposity: Evidence from China’s

Labor Policy Reform(with Young Jo)Health Economics, Volume26, Issue12,December 2017

Wei Xu

Arbitrage Involvement and Security Prices(with Byoung-Hyoun Hwang and Boxiao Liu)Management Science(Forthcoming)

Informed Retail Investors: Evidence from Retail Short Sales(with Keith Jacks Gamble)Journal of Empirical Finance, Volume 40, January 2017, Pages 59-72

The Power of the Pen Reconsidered: The Media, CEO Human Capital, and Corporate Governance(with Baixiao Liu, John J. McConnell)Journal of Banking and Finance, Volume 76, March 2017, Pages 175-188

Kevin Ow Yong

Voluntary Fair Value Disclosures Beyond SFAS 157’s Three-level Estimates(with Sung Gon Chung, Beng Wee Goh,Jeffrey Ng)Review of Accounting Studies, Volume 22, Issue 1, 2017, Pages 430–468

An Examination of the Statistical Significance and Economic Relevance of Profitability and Earnings Forecasts from Models and Analysts(with Mark E. Evans, Kenneth Njoroge)Contemporary Accounting Research, Volume34, Issue3,Fall 2017,Pages 1453-1488

Hong Zhu

Cross-border Acquisitions and the Asymmetric Effect of Power Distance Value Difference on long-term Post-acquisition Performance(with Zhi Huang, Daneil Brass)Strategic Management Journal, Volume38, Issue4,April 2017,Pages 972-991

Home Country Institutions Behind Cross-Border Acquisition Performance.(with Xufei Ma, Steve Sauerwald, Mike W. Peng)Journal of Management(forthcoming) 

Jake Zhao

The Impact of Personal Bankruptcy on Labor Supply Decisions(with Daphne Chen)Review of Economic Dynamics, Volume 26, October 2017, Pages 40-61

Edited by Sophie Wu


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