Information for Applying for Exchange Programs
2013-01-07 16:07:56

Information for Applying to Exchange Programs

Exchanges are a great way for students to gain international experience in their degree program. Peking University HSBC Business School students have the opportunity to apply for an exchange a large variety of universities. Universities eligible for an exchange semester are listed on our website HERE.

In order to participate in any of these programs you must first apply and be accepted by PHBS.  Do not apply to the specific university until after notification from PHBS that you have been nominated. Upon notification you will complete the specific application requirements for the university you have applied to.

Students should note the following policies and requirements for exchange:
•  Only students in good academic standing and with the financial ability to pay their costs may participate.
•  Students with less than 80 discipline points at the time of the exchange, or that exhibit conduct that is not in line with PHBS's expectations for student behavior, are not eligible to participate in the exchange program.
•  A student may participate in the exchange program for one semester, and only while they are formally enrolled in a full-time PHBS program.
•  Students may not attend an exchange program during their last semester at PHBS.
•  International Students may not apply for an exchange program to their home country. 
•  A student may apply for only one exchange program per semester; thus only one open application can be submitted at a time.
•  Students that have been selected for an exchange program are not eligible to apply to the exchange program in subsequent semesters. 
•  Students on exchange must respect and follow the partner university's calendar dates. Students may not leave early from any exchange program, and must complete all coursework and exams. Late arrival is only permitted by pre-authorization of PHBS.
•  Students may not take coursework at PHBS during the same semester they are scheduled to be abroad, except with approval prior to participating on exchange.

Fitting Exchange Into Your Study Program: 
   1. Domestic Students, Single Degree: You can participate on exchange during your 2nd year, or the first semester of your 3rd year. 
    2. Domestic Students, Dual Degree: The ideal semester for NUS students is to go during the 4th or 5th semester (spring of 2nd year or fall of 3rd year). 
    3. International Students: If you have an exemption for Business Chinese or are able to take Business Chinese in the first year, then you can participate on exchange during the fall semester of the 2nd year. International students that must take Business Chinese during the fall of their 2nd year may participate in summer programs, or apply to delay graduation by 1 semester and exchange during the spring of their 2nd year.

To apply to PHBS to participate in our exchanges:

    1. Research the options available to you.  We have a growing number of exchange partners in a variety of countries.  Research the courses offered by the school and the admission requirements to determine its suitability. Some schools only offer certain classes in specific semesters. Also research the cost of living in the countries.  Remember that you will be responsible for all costs when living in the host country and should have the ability to cover the costs. Also, pay attention to the dates of the semesters and be cautious of any overlap. When choosing which school you wish to apply to take some time to research the culture of the host country and the culture of the school. The experience at every school will be different and you should prepare yourself for what kinds of things to expect within the school and the host culture. Be sure to prepare a TOEFL or IELTS exam if the school you want to go to requires this for proof of English. 

    2. Complete the online application form found under the exchange tab in the PKUSZ portal website. Notifications about deadlines will be sent out when the system is opened for application. The deadline is at the beginning of March each year. 

    3. Determine what courses you will take at the host university.  After nomination, complete the course approval process using the course approval form found here.

    4. Prepare for the process of applying to the host university by preparing documents such as: passport, passport photos, diploma (with English translation), and current academic transcript (with English translation).  Find out what the application process is for the university you have applied to so that you will be prepared. Some of our partners require TOEFL or IELTS scores; research whether or not you will need to be prepared to submit these scores.  Do not apply to the host university until given instructions to do so.

Students participating in an exchange will need to be prepared to go through visa procedures within the recommended amount of time for the specific country they are studying in.  The exchange university will assist in necessary paperwork for the visa, but students need to research the process and are responsible for following through with the process.

After receiving a nomination to participate in an exchange program, begin the following processes: (Note: Please do not contact the university directly until PHBS has directly put you in contact with the university. For all questions please direct them to the PHBS exchange coordinator first.)

    1. Apply to the host university if instructed to do so. Be sure to complete the process in the appropriate amount of time or it may prevent you from attending.

    2. Begin the application process for a visa to the country you will be going to.  Be sure to check if there are other required documents that you need to get.  Be sure to begin this process early and follow through quickly or it may delay or prevent you from participating.  It is the student’s responsibility to take care of the visa.

    3. Complete all the necessary logistical matters for attending the school, e.g. plane tickets, housing, etc.  Students are responsible to for making sure they are informed of when they should arrive to the host school, and of all necessary information they need to begin their studies. Leave procedures (出访申报表) from PKU also need to be completed before departing for exchange. 

When it is time to return to PHBS you must be sure to request an official transcript from the exchange university along with a grade conversion scale and have it mailed to the PHBS office.  The address is:

PHBS Administrative Office, Room 114
Peking University HSBC Business School
University Town, Nanshan District
Shenzhen 518055, China