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Enroll for our PHBS UK program!

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Established in 2004, Peking University HSBC Business School (PHBS) has rapidly grown in reputation and as a center of international excellence in business education.


PHBS has more than 60 internationally educated faculty members with PhDs from leading universities around the world. 


Thomas Sargent  


Nobel Prize in Economics winner, Professor Thomas Sargent, has joined PHBS to conduct research as the head of the ''Sargent Institute of Quantitative Economics and Finance.''


In-depth theoretical and practical learning



What’s more, PHBS programs include a Chinese focus in the context of a global perspective. Not only do students learn important professional knowledge/skills but they also develop a deeper understanding of business and economics in China, making them more competitive in the job market domestically and internationally, or even better prepared to open a business in this dynamic country. 


These unique characteristics, which few other business schools possess, can help students develop the capabilities and connections they need to succeed in global business.


From Shenzhen to UK


On February 2017, PHBS has taken a bold step to invest in a new campus in Boars Hill, Oxfordshire, England. Not only is this new investment a milestone for PKU but also for the development of China’s higher education, opening its market to the world.  



Join PHBS UK program for double the experience and fun!


Program curriculums of PHBS UK are all taught in English and focus on an in-depth subject learning, with courses including both a global focus and a Chinese perspective. Students not only gain a deep appreciation of Chinese culture but they also have a deeper understanding of issues related to UK and China, doing business in China, making them more competitive in the job market, and finding opportunities to open a business in this dynamic country.


Beginning for Fall 2018, PHBS will offer 2 MA cross-borderprograms

  1. Master of Finance, UK-Shenzhen Cross-Border Program

  2. Master of  Management, UK-Shenzhen Cross-Border Program


Students admitted to these programs spend the first year of their master's degrees at the PHBS UK Campus, and their second year at the PHBS Shenzhen Campus in China, alongside Chinese peers and in an environment of cross-cultural dialogue. These programs are a great opportunity for students to, not only have specialist training and cross-disciplinary coursework, but also an in-depth cross-cultural exposure.


What are the requirements?

Online applications will open from October 2017 to March 31st 2018, and the requirements are: 

  1. Must have proof of English proficiency

  2. Must be graduated with a Bachelor degree or higher

  3. Must be an international student and hold a valid passport



With international faculty members with PhD degrees from top universities all around the world and all committed to educating PHBS’ students to be leaders in their fields, PHBS continues to earn its reputation as an institution of academic excellence and freedom.


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