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PHBSers: Wish You A Fruitful Year Ahead!

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New Year is a time of mixed feelings for many people. Some experience a sense of nostalgia as they recall the good moments in the past year. Many start thinking about New Year’s resolutions.

This week, several PHBS students and staff wrote their best wishes in greeting cards for 2018. The cards were tied to floating balloons in PHBS building room 308 for the New Year celebration event on December 28, where PHBSers could pick a card and in return share their some thoughts and best wishes for 2018.

Greetings from Students

  MBA Student David Hall (U.S.A) reads a card from Fern


 “I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year as we embark on next year's long journey. Hopefully over the next year we can make our lives and the lives of those around us better. Happy New Year to all!


From left to right: Dave Hall, MBA student Lay Shan ( Malaysia) and Frank Choy ( U.K.)

Frank Choy:

 “Out with the old, in with the new : may you be happy the whole year through. Happy New Year! "


 “As 2017 has comes to an end, New is the year, new are the hopes, new is the resolution, new are the spirits and new experience begin for all of us in PHBS having a promising and fulfilling New Year in 2018. Happy New Year!


Management student Kevin Kurnia (Indonesia) receives a card from Korn


 “Oh my god! So many characters here! It's from Korn. He wrote happy new year but in many languages. For all of my first year friends, I wish they have a successful year at PHBS, have an amazing experience on campus and off campus. I also wish my second year friends all the best and luck for their thesis preparation. Hope no one  will fall  the defense  this year. And wish all the professors and staff  a joyful and faithful year at PHBS.


Economics student  ( 2017 class )  Luo Yuewen (China)

Yuewen Luo

2017 is our first year with PHBS. Everything happened here was amazing. Although we had to study very hard, we also had many unforgettable experience. Military training, the autumn outing, the annual meeting and other activities had made our life in PHBS so fabulous. I am happy to meet so many good friends and professors in PHBS and thanks to being with all of you in 2017. For the coming new year, I hope everyone enjoy a happy life. May every day be brilliant for all of you! Happy New Year! 

Management student  ( 2017 class ) Tianyu Lin (China)

Tianyu Lin

2017 is a special year for me, a symbol of change and progress. I was not an innocent undergraduate with high tolerance of mistakes and immature anymore. Instead, I tried to grow into a better man. Fortunately, I made my entrance into PHBS and make friends with excellent PHBSers. I am looking forward to embracing more happiness and success with everyone. Wishing all the PHBSers a successful and glorious year.

Management student Khadija Lay Lay (Morocco) picks a card from Ekaterina 


 “I wish for happy days only! I wish I don't face disappointment from friends, family or myself. I wish for everyone certain thing to fall into place, and I will never shed a tear of sadness. I hope I will learn Chinese and pass HSK3!


Management student Dominika Mindekova (Slovakia)


 “I hope for a happy year. Yeah, that's it. 


From left to right: Management student  Nathasya Priscilla ( Indonesia ) and Quantitative finance student Dahye Shon (South Korea)


 “Happy New Year 2018!! Spending half of 2017 in PHBS has been nothing but an amazing experience for me. From meeting local to international friends, learning different cultures and also adapting to new environment. Wishing lots of loves, luck and happiness in the new year for all PHBSer! 


For me, 2017 is the most memorable year during my whole life. It is because this is the year that I come to China again, after 2015 when I had stayed in Tianjin for studying chinese, and also I had an internship in Korea Institute of International Economic Policy, after I graduated from university and until coming to PHBS. In last 4 months, I had made a lot of international and chinese friends in PHBS. Especially, from chinese students who studied in PHBS, they give me an inspiration a lot. Thus I hope I do my best to make my wish come ture in 2018 and keep good relationship with friends from other countries.

Management Student Ekaterina Peter (Russia) reads a card from Khadija


 “I just wish a happy new year!

Management student Seimar Solano Nelson (Costa Rica) and  Ekaterina Peter

Seimar :

 “My new year best wishes is that everybody has a year full of adventures and lots of experiences that will make it another year to remember. I hope that 2018 brings a bag full of success and accomplishments to everyone! And a lot of fun, too


Finance student Xi Chen (China)  and  Kefan Yan (China)


 “I feel so happy to study at PHBS and make so many friends in this wonderful community. I believe 2018 would definitely be  a year full of challenges and accomplishments for all the PHBSers. Let’s work together to achieve our goals in the forthcoming year! May the force be with you!



 “The year 2017 was no doubt one of the most meaningful years in my life in which I went through many major changes like graduation and entering PHBS. For me, the past four months in PHBS seemed much longer than I thought but luckily I learned how to get used to the pace here. There were joy and sorrow but all worthwhile. I just want to give my best wishes to people all around like our teachers, classmates and my friends who offered me the warmest companion. For 2018, I hope that we will see things that startle us, feel things we never felt before, meet people with different point of view and most importantly, live a life we are proud of.

Greetings from Staff
Staff from Ma-PHD and HR Office

2017 has been a year full of exciting change and tireless effort.We are proud of everything PHBS and its students, staff and faculty have accomplished this year. We wish everyone in PHBS happiness and success for 2018.  Happy New Year!  


Well,now’s your chance to sit down, prepare a list of important lifestyle changes you want to make, and look forward to a better year ahead!

By Annie Jin 
Edited by Priscilla Young
photographer: Xie Feng

Chinese names are in the structure : family name, then given name )

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