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PHBS Exchange Students: Heavier Luggage, Fuller Hearts

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Heavier luggage, fuller hearts. The bittersweet time of the year has come to say goodbye to our new friends, the exchange students.
Zip zip they close their suitcases and pack to return back home to Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark, Portugal, Russia, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, and Sweden. But not without making stops around Southeast Asia first, as many head to Viet Nam, the Philippines and many other countries close to the Motherland.
Here are some of the students’ comments on their exchange time in China and the photos they took while here:

 Mike on the left accompanied by other exchange students
I will remember my exchange semester mostly by the amazing friends I made and all the adventures we had. Also that a McDonald’s is always nearby!”
 – Mike ten Broeke, Netherlands
Carolina (fifth, from left to right)and other international students attend a PHBS event
I will remember it as a semester where it was possible to share great adventures, see breathtaking landscapes and be completely submerse in this culture, always with amazing people by my side.
– Carolina Cardoso, Portugal

 The beginning of a brotherhood in Shenzhen's Lianhua mountain. Gregoire on the far right. 
I once read this quote and can fully identify my time in China with it: In your twenties: your 20’s your selfish years. It’s a decade to immerse yourself in every single thing possible. Be selfish with your time, and all the aspects of you. Tinker with travel, explore, love a lot, love a little, and never touch the ground.”   
– Gregoire D’Angelin, France
Lucie in the middle
Adventure and discovery were part of my routine during these 5 amazing months. If I had to sum up my exchange in China? Probably the best experience of my life!
– Lucie Gulcu, Belgium


Oksana, avid photographer, in one of her many trips and a picture of PKUSZ Campus
Living all in this friendly environment made me feel like at home, and together with local students we learned from each other so much. My whole experience in Asia is full of highlights, cultural lessons and interesting stories that will stay with me forever, and China is such a country that one must visit and that will give you multiple takeaways for life in so many ways... I came here with 30 kg of luggage but I am leaving with tons of memories that make me immensely rich.
– Oksana Hryshchenko, Spain
Laura takes a picture of the sunset on campus
I will remember the nice summer nights on campus, especially hanging out with friends by Mirror Lake!” 
– Laura Schön, Germany

Shadi on one of his trip in China
My exchange was the best experience so far in my life. Meeting great people and visiting so many places I had only heard about before. I made memories that changed the way I see the world.
– Shadi El Sagendy, Switzerland

From left to right: Jan, Leon, and Davide 
The things I’m going to miss the most for sure are the new friends that I made here and the campus, which I think is super nice for getting to know people and just chill out (sometimes also studying). What I learned about China is simply that I really loved being here and even though I didn’t make many Chinese friends, the few I made were always super kind and we had a great time together. China is something that you can’t explain, you just need to live it
– Davide Tagliabue, Italy

Anton on his trip  to Tiger Leaping Gorge
I was totally surprised by how diverse China is. You find thriving cities like Shenzhen with a booming economy and beautiful nature like the Tiger Leaping Gorge just two hours of flying away from each other. This is pure fascination!” 
– Anton Wieland, Germany
PHBS wishes all of you the best in your future endeavors wherever you go and hopes for your soon return to your home away from home, China.     

By Seimar Solano Nelson 
Edited by Annie Jin 

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