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PHBS Academic Debate | Is China a Market Economy?

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The question whether China is a market economy or not has gained tremendous attention on both the national, as well as the international parquets, and enjoyed its fair share of debates in the past years. This was one of the reasons why this year´s PHBS debate competition addressed exactly this question, to be approached by two competing teams. The first team of Professor Gerhard Stahl´s Transitional Economics class, which argued that China indeed is a market economy. This standpoint was questioned by the class which was representing Professor Haifeng Huang´s China Studies class.
 Student teams prepare for the debate
Both teams had worked towards this unique event for several weeks, and invested their fair share of preparation and in-depth research in order to supplement their arguments with logical reasoning and verifiable evidence. On Wednesday, 12th of April, the big day had finally arrived, and the two opposing teams entered the stage, prepared to present the evidence each team had come up with, and eager to question the other team´s standpoint. Both teams were backed up by the dedicated academic as well as organizing committees, and led through the debate by a moderator. The jury consisted of Professor Stahl, Professor Huang, Professor McDaniel and Priscilla Young, and enriched by five student jurors.
 Two teams in the debate 

The debate turned out to be a breath-taking series of arguments and counter-arguments, delivered at high speed and enriched by witty remarks of the debate team members. After the final round, the jury announced this year´s winning team: the team representing Professor Huang´s China Studies class, which was rewarded with a delicious little treat.Without any doubt, both teams put up a real fight, while maintaining professionalism and kindness at all times.
  Team of China studies class was rewarded with a delicious little treat
Teams, staff, and observers, pose for a picture at the end of the debate
By Michaela-Antonia Huber 
Edited by Annie Jin 

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