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Nanshan PSB Officer Delivers Talk on Conduct and Visa Regulations to International Students

Time:2018-05-24 14:28:31  Hits:[]
On May 8, 2018, The PHBS International Office hosted a seminar on conduct and visa regulations in cooperation with the Nanshan District Public Security Bureau (PSB) for PKU international Students. In attendance were Ms. An Xiaopeng, PKU Shenzhen Student Affairs Head and members of the PKUSZ International Committee.

The talk started with Nanshan Police Officer Tian where he gave a brief introduction of the PSB, services available, and ways students can seek help in case of an emergency. He also discussed rules and regulations that all foreigners in Shenzhen must abide by, as well as provided helpful tips for security such as always keeping students passports with them at all times.
The talk ended with a Q&A session, where students were given an opportunity to raise their questions and concerns on visa regulations.

After the talk, PHBS Dean Hai briefly met with the Nanshan Police officer, where both sides agreed on further cooperation and reaffirmed their mutual support on international affairs management.

By Angelina and Amanda
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