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Fun to Be Here! PHBS Holds its 2018 Fall Outing

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by Ekaterina Peter & Min Hao Lam

At the beginning of every academic year, Peking University HSBC Business School (PHBS)organizes a series of ice-breaking events for new incoming students. The 2018 Fall Outing is one of the many exciting events which new international and domestic students can get to mingle and know each other. This year’s outing was held on October 10, 2018, later than usual due to the powerful Typhoon Mangkhut which damaged parts of the beach. Regardless of that, the event was fun and moreover reached it’s goal to unite the new students of the year 2018.

Group photo made with the drone

The day started with the unmissable group photo of all 2018 classes this Fall Outing followed by entertaining activities organized by faculty members and the Student Union.

 the “Beach Crossing” game
“Water Delivery” game 

The games were meant to test the cooperation of the students, making them work together with others to overcome difficulties and challenges one after another. After all the games, students had some free time to take more pictures and enjoy the beach, be it building sandcastles or just enjoying the waves.

class photo

This year’s International Students Union joined the Students Union in organizing parts of the outing and added more sport activities to the program such as beach volleyball, which also add charm and interests to this outing.


Dinner for the 2018 Fall Outing program featured a mouth-watering and delicious dinner served at the restaurant nearby, followed by performances meticulously prepared by the students who were giving their all and having fun in the process.
Dance performance by the domestic students

International students teaching everyone the Turkish folk dance, “Damat Halayi”

Bad weather during the outing was not able to stop students from giving it their fullest for the activities and having tons of fun along the way. It was obvious as happiness and enthusiasm filled the faces of the students. At the end of the day, the objectives of the 2018 Fall Outing was fulfilled as a sense of familiarity and joy filled the air.
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